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A Co-op Shooter with Strategy, Chaos and High Stakes | Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (which I’ll refer to as just ‘Ghost Recon’ in this article’) is a game I covered previously. I claimed that this was one of the best shooters of all time… However, I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of discussion surrounding this game, as compared to Call of Duty or other more notable franchises. 

Today, I shall be going over everything this game has to offer. I’m also happy to note that there have been sequels of this game released, which hardcore fans will be over the moon about. 

What is Ghost Recon about?

Before I start my review, can I just stress that you should absolutely play the co-op feature with other players! If you’re simply playing singleplayer with AI teammates, I highly recommend you start joining forces with some friends. Admittedly, the gameplay can get a little repetitive if you’re all alone. Another bonus of having actual teammates is that you can use the in-game pinging system, as well as a microphone. It’s extremely satisfying yelling at people to do something and have it pay off.

Essentially, you can have a squad of 4 players through online networking. There is a huge map with different objectives that progress story-wise, with a lot of small side missions that’ll help upgrade your gear and boost your stats. you can improve stamina, health resistance and much more. Plus, items like a parachute can come in really handy when you’re being shot out of the sky! Otherwise, you just simply sit in the plane and wait for your impending doom… Trust me, I’ve been there.

I especially love this game because you have so much freedom with your squad. You could technically all play solo and go on your own ways, as there are opportunities to go on separate missions. Since there is such a huge map, the utility of vehicles is extremely interesting and fun. There are helicopters, planes, cars, trucks and motorcycles you can bring along with you. Oh, and did I forget to mention that you and your mates can go in tanks too?

Teamwork plays a huge role in this game. Whenever you’re in combat against an enemy, if your health gets depleted enough, you will be in a ‘knocked down’ state. Nearby squadmates can come over and revive you, which puts you back into the fight. However, once you bleed out you can respawn on another person’s current location, so it’s not the worst thing in the world. 

Sometimes, I feel like Ghost Recon isn’t simply a shooter game. I consider it an open world game where you can roam freely, but also drive around like a maniac. Be careful though! Killing too many civilians actually leads to a game over. There are 2 main enemy forces in the game, the Cartel and the Unidad. Both these corporations have several military bases, objectives and patrols lurking around, which does help keep you in check. Once you’re spotted killing a member of either group, you can be sure there’ll be a manhunt issued out for you as swarms of enemies come for you. 

Ghost Recon also allows for a lot of different gameplay styles. You can be a sniper, tactically positioning yourself in the mountains as your mates lead an attack. You could get up close and personal with a deadly shotgun. Or you could just go ballistic with a gattling gun! Also, as I mentioned before with upgrading your stats, you can also get the help of rebels. These people can show up to help you during tough combats, while being able to help you issue mortar strikes or get vehicles. 

With all these small branch missions, it all intertwines together as you’re hunting down the ‘Big Bad’. You can be sure that Ghost Recon will keep you occupied for quite some time. And, what I love about this game is that there are other gamemodes you can play. Even though the cooperation aspect is primary, you can also play free-for-all and deathmatches against other squads. Honestly, everything changes when you’re facing actual players, as opposed to programmed (but complex) AI.

Before I finish off this article, I would just like to showcase one unique aspect of the game. Everyone has access to a drone, which they can fly around to gather some intel. These drones are especially helpful to figure out where you should approach from, as stealth gameplay is absolutely do-able if you tackle it the right way. One of my favorite kinds of missions is sneaking up on wanted targets, them grabbing them hostage for information and leverage… I hope I don’t sound psychotic! 


  1. I played it during the uplay + free first month but I uninstalled it after 5 hours or so. Too much repetitive, like most of Ubisoft games 🙁

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