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A Crazy Hybrid Between Football and Driving | Rocket League

If you’re looking for a casual game to pass your time, Rocket League. Bonus points for those that enjoy football or like driving simulator-style games!

Now, the name “Rocket League” should be enough to hint at the chaos that can ensue. Cars go flying while others exploding, as this game pulls off a fantastic twist of the traditional sport we know and love.

How to Play Rocket League

In the standard 3v3 gamemode, there are two teams: Orange and Blue. After being assigned to a team, the ball spawns in the middle, and players are placed in different locations. As the starting timer finishes counting down, players are able to move and race towards the ball. Once the ball ends up in a team’s goal (whether it was intentional or by complete accident), the ball will once again be dropped from the middle.

At the bottom of your screen, you have your fuel indicator. Holding down the activation button (which depends on what kind of platform you’re playing on), you can tremendously increase your speed. However, this depletes your fuel extremely quickly, which means you unfortunately can’t just speed around the field the whole time. Remember, this affects your momentum as well.

If you reach a certain speed when boosting, you could potentially collide against an enemy player and destroy them. This puts them temporarily out of the game for a few seconds before they respawn. This is extremely handy to give your team an opening to attack, as your opponents will be at a significant disadvantage (more so if you’re playing another gamemode like duos).

Throughout the map, there are little golden pickups that can replenish your fuel, either by small amounts or fully. Many people may not realize it, but physics actually plays a huge role in this game. Boosting while jumping can make you soar in the sky… But even the slightest movement or angle change can completely alter the direction you propel the ball forwards, so you will have to keep this all in mind when navigating around the map and planning your next hit.

There is an in-game pinging system, so you can coordinate with your teammates. Not only this, but you can tease your opponents with jeering remarks, or be wholesome with kind ones. In the heat of the game, you can sometimes forget that you have teammates. Although I am by no means a professional at this game, you should definitely pass the ball occasionally, as this can lead to some pretty cool assists.

One thing I really like about this game is that there are no ‘assigned positions’. Unlike normal football games like FIFA, you have complete freedom of where you can be from the get-go. I’ve seen my fair share of opponents that don’t even have someone in the goal… Yet in other matches, I’ve seen all 3 opponents just stay in the goal like little cowards!

Every multiplayer game needs some form of customization to make your character stand out. Rocket League lets you unlock different car models and cosmetics, which can actually look quite stunning. Something I’ve noticed is that you can create separate designs for individual colors. You could be a large blue jeep or an orange race car… The options are endless.

And as always, if you ever get bored with this classic gamemode and want more than just simple football, there are several arcade gamemodes you can take on! I personally like the abilities gamemode, where you can quite literally shoot out a boxing glove at players, or keep them in the air with a massive tornado. Plus, playing basketball on Rocket League is definitely a unique concept… One that I’m shamefully not very good at.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, Rocket League is the kind of game that just keeps on giving. You’ll probably never get bored if you’re playing with friends, as it’s all about having a fun time and not taking yourself too seriously.Β Of course, some professionals play this game on immensely competitive levels, so it’s always fun to watch this kind of gameplay and compare it to yourself!


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