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Among Us Game Review

Among Us was released back in 2018 and has recently soared in popularity among streamers and gamers alike. A game built around trust, deceit, and hats. Oh so many hats.

Developed by InnerSloth, Among Us plays as many other social deduction games. You are assigned one of two roles: Imposter or Crew. The imposter must eliminate crew members and must do so without being caught. The crew must work together to complete their assigned tasks before they are eliminated. If a body is discovered, it is reported, and a meeting is called to discuss who the imposter could be.

There are three levels, with the most popular being on board a spacecraft. Each room has several tasks assigned to it, usually involving a few mouse clicks at most. One of the rooms, known as Security, gives access to cameras which can be used to keep an eye on the halls to see where everyone is running to. Finally, there are vents which are only accessible to imposters, allowing them to jump between rooms for a quick escape. During a standard game, not much will change. Those killed will become ghosts, and can continue doing tasks, or just float around and see what the imposter does. If a body is found, it can be reported, causing everyone to teleport back to the Cafeteria and begin their discussions.

This is where the real fun begins. Imagine being halfway through completing a task and a meeting is called – Purple says you are sus (suspicious) – You begin to panic. What do you say? Are they the imposter, or is it a case of mistaken identity? As you frantically plead your case the clock slowly ticks down until the time is up and a decision is cast. This is what makes the game great. At first glance it is simple and does not take itself seriously. But when the discussion begins, the real game of begins. Truth verse deceit, which will come out on top?

Adding to the fun of turning friends against each other and creating for a comedic chat (even better if playing via voice chat), there is a personal touch to the game. Each round you get to select a hat, top, bottom, and character colour. Want to play as a Doctor? Viking? Soviet Agent? The game has you covered! A personal favourite of mine is the “dum” sticky note, which covers your characters face (it’s as if the game knows me all too well). You can even buy pets! What advantages do these followers give you ask? Nothing! But they do make those lonely halls a little less spooky. The game takes itself as seriously as the graphical quality, not a lot.

What makes this game great however, is also one of its pitfalls. While playing this with friends provides for a quality gaming experience, playing with strangers can quickly become frustrating. Servers are filled with trolls. Abuse, teaming with imposters, or just idling quickly ruin the experience. I recommend if you have no one to play this with, download it on your phone. While the controls are clunky, and the screen is smaller, it is free.

Do not let this put you off. It is a simple game that takes little time to learn. You can play as much (or as little) as you like and not have to worry about falling behind like in other multiplayer games. You don’t have to take it seriously to have a good time.

Among Us will keep you busy for quite some time, offering almost endless replayability. A must play for a group of friends looking for an enjoyable game to play together.

Review was written by one of our very own community member – BAEuro.


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