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Battle an Infectious Virus and Slay the Zombies! | Resident Evil 2 (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED)

Last year, Resident Evil 2 came out and caught the attention of many die-hard fans. It is essentially a remake of the original game, which was loved by many. Having upgraded the graphics, gaming mechanics and slight narrative design from the original, Resident Evil 2 is definitely a praised game. Before diving into the details, the Resident Evil franchise is notorious for the element of horror it brings. I’ve actually seen some people say that Resident Evil 2 might be the scariest game of them all! 

Quite a huge chunk of the fanbase absolutely adores the new graphics! And I have to say so myself, that the zombies are looking extra scary. Also, this article won’t just be covering the game in general, but there’s also a giveaway the GGPlayers will be hosting for Resident Evil 2. Stay tuned for that upcoming announcement! 

What is Resident Evil 2 About?

The game is set in Racoon City, where the population has been infected and turned into ravenous zombies. This whole apocalypse is a result of this biological weapon, which had been used in the prequel (Resident Evil). 

You follow the journey of two main characters, Leon and Claire. Leon had been a police officer, who ended up in Racoon City after being told not to come in at work. He then discovered what had happened with zombies piling up in the city, before meeting Claire, who had come to Racoon City in search of her brother. 

You can choose to take control of one of these characters, experiencing the chaos from their individual perspective. Depending on who you choose to play as, there will be a range of different quests to complete and locations to explore. 

How Do You Play Resident Evil 2?

Resident Evil 2 basically has all the mechanics of a third person shooter. There are two main difficulties: Standard and Hardcore. If you’re just starting out, I would suggest playing the easier difficulty, which allows you to auto-save regularly. On the other hand, the Hardcore difficulty requires you to collect ‘ink ribbons’ to unlock the ability to save your progress.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll need to solve tricky puzzles and scavenge around for resources, like healing items and new weapons. In addition to this intense gameplay, you’re also greeted with some nice campaign and cinematics. 

Understandably so, you have a limited amount of resources and ammo. Using up everything you have right away is the worst thing you could possibly do. What makes things even worse is the horrifyingly good atmosphere and sound design Resident Evil 2 showcases.

There isn’t exactly a set strategy you need to follow when playing this game. However, it is important to keep in mind that you might need to change your approach to things, depending on if you’re playing as Leon or Claire. For example, Leon might have access to more guns, while 

You have to think carefully and choose the best routes to go through; some corridors might have more enemies than others. Stealth and positioning are both crucial aspects of Resident Evil 2. I’ve seen enough Walking Dead to know that carelessly running into a horde of zombies is a big no-no.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, I think Resident Evil 2 is a great game for those that love the survival-horror genre. Even though some people might argue that remakes are terrible, I would personally recommend this for old and new fans. Resident Evil 2 pays tribute to the original game(s) as well. You can also replay the game quite a lot, playing it from different perspectives and trying to find items that spawn in different locations. 

Like I mentioned above, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Resident Evil 2 giveaway post. Also, Resident Evil 3 may or may not also be up for grabs soon… 

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