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Be the Chaotic Hunter the World Needs! | Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition

I have actually mentioned Borderlands (the franchise) a few times in past review and posts… And with good reason too! Borderlands has quirky comic-style graphics and a sense of chaos that just feels so unique and refreshing. 

If you’re someone that revels in action, then this is definitely the game for you. Having seen a ton of gameplay videos and articles, I’ve noticed that this game never really ‘slows down’. You’re always in some sort of action-packed sequence, fighting high stakes or at risk. 

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What is Borderlands 3 About?

You essentially make your way back to this planet, Pandora, before discovering that it has been conquered and overruled by a bunch of bandits. They all work under the Calypso Twins, who are basically running this dangerous cult. What makes this game much more unique (and arguably interesting) than the previous installments, is that you aren’t limited to just one planet. You’ll have the opportunity to travel between several and completing objectives while doing so. There’s a huge array of main missions and side missions, which can add up to over 30 hours of overall gameplay!

Like always, you can create your own berserk character and progressively upgrade them. These are known as ‘Vault Hunters’, each with their own particular skillset / specialty. Your squad will also run into more and more challenging boss encounters later on in the game. Though it may not seem like it, the world is actually quite large and has a lot of hidden loot, structures and other places you can come across.

How Do You Play Borderlands 3?

I think it’s best to consider Borderlands 3 a first person shooter on steroids. You can equip several guns. It’s also worth acknowledging the fact that this game features a wide variety of weapons, with the ability to find hundreds of different guns around the map. With this being said, weapons still fall under certain categories, each with their own little features (like multiple firing modes, for example). Teamwork is actually quite essential in the game. You can revive your fellow mates who have been shot down, and also help trade valuable resources with one another. I personally would take full advantage of this mechanic, and make sure I get items that help me as a character.

As I mentioned earlier, you will be assigned several different missions. Sometimes, you can even just let yourself wander and try to find some legendary loot. Along with there being many guns, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that there is a range of enemies. From simple snipers to monsters that electrocute you, I guarantee that you won’t find gameplay repetitive or get bored easily. Of course, the dark humor Borderlands brings never gets old! 

To add to the overall madness, Borderlands 3 comes along with a few extra gamemodes. For instance, ‘Mayhem Mode’ is when everything becomes significantly harder. Gameplay becomes spontaneous, as random effects (in regards to shooting, movement and other mechanics) get applied. Honestly, the name speaks for itself! Through this gamemode, you can unlock Guardian Ranks and upgrade your attacking abilities and damage. 

Since the game we are talking about is technically the Super Deluxe version of Borderlands 3, it is worth mentioning that you would be receiving quite a few benefits! Some exclusive gun or character skins let you savor your kills, while a season pass gives you something to work towards. Lastly, there are some explosive mods involving grenades and more weapons, which really add to the overall experience… See what I did there?

Overall Thoughts

In general,  I believe that the Super Deluxe Edition is great value, bringing both the epic base game and additional content packs, like cosmetics and mods. Whether you’re a new player or hardcore veteran of Borderlands, this game (along with the edition) is absolutely amazing.

If you’re interested in having a chance at snagging this game for free, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming giveaway post!


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