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Best Multiplayer Shooter Games Part 2

Recently, I wrote about a few multiplayer shooter games that I thought had the perfect balance between tactics, team composition, and abilities. However, there are just so many more great shooter games out there that I felt needed to be addressed. I mean, you couldn’t possibly cover all of them in just one article!

I’ve found that many of these shooter games I’ve talked about actually have Battle Royale aspects to this. I see a growing trend and I think this will only continue to diversify amongst the gaming community. So without further ado, here is another list I’ve compiled for the Best Multiplayer Shooter Games out there. Let me know if I’ve missed some great ones.

Call of Duty

Let’s be honest. If you haven’t heard about Call of Duty, you probably live under a rock. This game franchise has scored a ton of fans, racking up many awards as new games keep getting released. Unlike other shooters, this game is very gritty and stays true to the whole ‘war’ feeling most shooters try to bring across. There isn’t any fantasy or magical aspects that distract from the intense gameplay.

There is a huge array of guns, ranging from powerful snipers to deadly shotguns. Depending on your playing style, it is definitely worth taking a look at your loadout and tweaking it. Literally, one bullet could be the difference between life and death in combat.

On a side note, Call of Duty: Warzone was recently released! It is essentially a Battle Royale game mixed with the classic Call of Duty game mechanics. Similar to all the other games in this genre, there is a border that closes; this forces everyone into close-quarters combat and high stakes. Besides being able to get revived by teammates, what I really enjoy is the second-chance mechanic in this game. Once you die, you get brought into the Gulag. This is a prison where you have to fight for your life. Successfully winning a 1v1 will bring you back to the game. I think you can tell how clutch this can be if someone manages to pull it off!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

CS:GO is another huge hit amongst the FPS industry. However, the graphics of this game aren’t exactly considered amazing when compared to others. Though, I personally don’t think this is what people should focus on! Good gameplay is what you should strive for above all.

For this shooter game in particular, movement and proper crosshair aiming is essential to hit on target. Audible sound cues are crucial as well, as they can easily give away any enemy’s position and give you the upper hand. There is a ton of competitiveness though, so be ready.

In fact, it is very common to see some cool CS:GO trickshot montages on Youtube or other types of gameplay videos! There is no doubt about it… This game has an extremely high skill bracket and takes a while to master.


While many people can argue about Fortnite making the list, it is pretty obvious that there has been a lot of hype and popularity circulating the game. Unlike most other Battle Royale games, Fortnite has a unique building mechanics where you can gather resources, then create structures that either help you defend or lead an attack.

Just like Apex, you jump from a dropship and land at a location, where you run around and break objects for resources. Loot randomly generates everywhere, so keep an eye out for a good weapon laying around. There are many strategies as to how you play. Launching yourself repeatedly on the map or trying to blend in as a scarecrow both sound great to me.

Personally, I quite enjoy watching streamers play this game as they really just put me to shame. I often find myself sitting there and wondering how they manage to move and build so quickly. Of course, Fortnite proudly showcases their infamous T-pose.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

PUBG is yet another huge game that millions of players enjoy. I like the utility of vehicles in PUBG, as driving around the map can help you cover ground much faster. I enjoy the simplistic cosmetics and overall gameplay. I like how you can also alternate between first-person and third-person view, as this allows players to select their preferences.

Unfortunately, there have been quite a few remarks on performance issues (like occasional de-syncing). While I personally only see this on the mobile version, I understand why it’d be very annoying to have a bullet not register. A few players also complain about graphics and game physics, but I personally love them. Might I add that this game is also very easy to play (but hard to master).

Rainbow Six Siege

Last but not least, we have Rainbow Six Siege. After scouring the internet for professional guides and tips, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of emphasis in barricading the right doors. Many people study the map and learn great locations to utilize, so I think it’s best to get accustomed to the game and find out the ‘hot zones’.

I like the addition of ‘Operators’, which are characters with different strengths. Having a diverse selection gives you a lot of chance for “dynamic and varied matches” as IGN puts it. Learning the skillset of every Operator could give you a huge advantage, so you know how to act against enemies. People are also stressing how crucial voice communication is. Just like any other game, being able to easily talk and strategize with your teammates could be a winning factor.

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