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Best Multiplayer Shooter Games

There is nothing more satisfying than carrying your team and dishing out kills, then emerging victorious after a heated battle. Generally, shooter games are very fast-paced and favor those that have good aim. Add some teamwork into the mix and you have a world of chaos, screaming, death and success ahead of you.

I like both first and third person shooters, but this list will mainly comprise of the former. I will be going over my pick of team shooter games, where collaboration is equally as important as strategy or skill.


Apex Legends has taken the gaming industry by storm, racking up an impressive total of 8-10 million players a week. As of now, there are 12 legends to choose from. From turning invisible to spawning a barrage of rockets, every legend has their own special abilities and traits. Each game consists of 20 squads that consist of 3 players each. There can never be a duplicate of another legend in one squad, so this allows for a lot of variation and certain team compositions. For example, if everyone chose very defensive legends (Gibraltar, Wattson and Caustic), then you would ideally play very conservatively.

Teamwork is crucial, with this game providing an extensive in-game pinging system. There are many different weapons. Shotguns, snipers, assault rifles… You name it! Throughout the map is randomly generated loot, where you can also find grenades, gun attachments, ammo, and valuable armor. It is quite literally a battle to the death! If an enemy manages to deplete your health, you aren’t immediately eliminated. Instead, you are “knocked down” and can be revived by your squad. Once only one squad is left standing, they are declared the Apex Champions.

An aspect I really like about this game is the customization, as there are so many cosmetics, heirlooms, weapon skins, voice lines and poses you can get! This loot comes from ‘Apex packs’, which you essentially get as you gradually level up. This game is a bit like Fortnite, but I prefer Apex Legends way more.


I am pretty sure that everyone knows about Overwatch. In a match, each team consists of 6 unique heroes that players can select. There are generally tank, damage, and support heroes. There are usually four standard gamemodes:

Assault; One team are the attackers and have to capture 2 points. The defenders need to prevent this by contesting it and killing the attackers.

Control; Two teams fight to try and capture a point. This gamemode is in a ‘best-out-of-3’ format.

Escort; One team has to ‘push’ a payload, by standing close to it as it progresses through the map. The defending team must prevent this by contesting and killing opponents.

Hybrid; This gamemode is the combination of Assault and Control. If the attacking team successfully captures a point, they then have to escort the convoy.

Just like Apex Legends, the synchronization and compatibility of a team is very important. Every hero has their own ultimate that can completely change a game, potentially leading up to a ‘Team Kill’ if done right. I like that each hero has their own defining abilities, similar to other shooters. In case you ever get bored of the base gamemodes, there is an ‘Arcade’ section where you can play a series of minigames and matches.

In fact, Overwatch recently released the workshop. Here, players can make their own games… I’ve tried some parkour, but quite frankly, I’m terrible at it. Finally, Overwatch has a unique little feature. At the end of the game, a short clip from one player’s perspective will be shown to everyone as ‘Play of The Game’. This is usually the moment where someone gets the most kills or does something game-changing.


If you are into quick and thrilling gameplay where death is everywhere, then Doom is probably the only shooter game I can recommend you. This is an FPS game with a ton of different gamemodes which vary, but the basic concept remains the same. There’s also a campaign where you can have a ton of fun ripping aliens apart!

In Doom, you can’t really regenerate your health passively, so you have to find and use medkits around the map. This also applies to ammo, so you have to use all your resources sparingly. There are many different weapon you can use, including a chainsaw if that’s something you fancy. My favorite gamemode has to be the one where you chase down zombie-like mutants, which players turn into once eliminated.

All in all, Doom is fantastic. From executing enemies to running around like a madman, you shouldn’t be afraid to go all-in when playing… You have to bathe in the moment and soak in all your glory!


Ghost Recon: Wildlands is probably not as well-known as the other games on this list. In fact, the game is more focused on co-operative gameplay where you explore an open world, take on missions, get loot and upgrade your equipment. Think Hitman mixed in with some Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto!

You can approach this game however you want. Taking it slow is completely fine, but sometimes a little chaos and action are warranted! I highly recommend doing some side missions to help improve your abilities and set up reinforcements. You never know how handy an airstrike can be in a heated battle! Though, what I really enjoy is just driving around in a tank, or trying to fly and successfully land a plane. Too many times have I crashed and been yelled at by my teammates…

Of course, if you ever get bored of just playing in a party and killing enemies, then there are other gamemodes. For example, you can face-off against other opponents in a deathmatch! Or see which team can complete an objective first. In conclusion, I think you should really check out Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It deserves some love!


  1. What about Fortnite and PUBG? Those games made a killing or hype has died down for those two games and they didn’t make the cut?

    1. This is really a personal list I suppose. I’ve never actually played Fornite and have only done a little of PUBG Mobile, so I don’t think I’d provide very good information on those games to be completely honest.

  2. Play destiny 2, and warframe for a while,. and compared those as well.

    Glad you didn’t bother with the kiddo shooters like fortnite.

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