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Defeat the Evil Creatures and Unite the People | Death Stranding

What is Death Stranding About?

Death Stranding is set in the futuristic world, where civilization has faced the bring of supernatural enemies and disaster. The entire setting is rather apocalyptic, as survivors are hiding from these terrifying entities. The most notable feature here would probably be the rain, now known as ‘Timefall’, which instantly makes whatever it touches rapidly age.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges, a porter that wants to bring peace to society. This is done by traveling from city to city, reconnecting each with the Chiral Network by proving yourself trustworthy and delivering things, as a porter does! If I do say so myself, Sam definitely has one of the most interesting sidekicks I have ever seen, who goes by the name of BB (Bridge Baby).

How Do You Play Death Stranding?

Apart from the cutscenes, Death Stranding mainly lets you play in third person. As I mentioned before, the main goal (or concept) of this game is delivering cargo from one place to another. An important thing to consider is how much you’re carrying at one time. Like any normal human, you can only withstand so much weight at a time! Don’t be afraid multiple trips back and forth when dealing with large amounts of goods.  

What many people don’t realize at first, is that Death Stranding is very much a cooperative game. One thing I really have to commend is potentially (though indirectly) interacting with other players. Other echoes of Sam Porter Bridges will appear in the game, as well as the items they’ve brought along. You can return the favor, by leaving behind objects and placing signs to help guide other players. 

For example, you could see someone else’s ladder, which you can use to help you. I really love this feature, as it elevates singleplayer gameplay to a whole new level… Did you know you could give ‘likes’ to other players for their help?

Gathering resources along the way (like chiral crystals) can let you craft new gear and tools. I know what you might be thinking, but Death Stranding isn’t just some simple delivery simulator. There are enemies lurking around, namely Beached Things, which are invisible souls. You can’t actually interact with them during the game unless there are certain conditions present. Firstly, you’ll have to be in a Timefall. At this point, everything will slow down and you can use your scanner to detect nearby enemies. Your ‘odradek’ (scanner) will start to turn orange when you reach close proximity and start to shake vigorously. 

The goal of this game isn’t to fight every single thing you run into. In fact, it’s best to play it safe and avoid these dastardly creatures. In case you aren’t that lucky, you can use grenades and other weaponry you have to steer them away, or even kill them when necessary. Be careful though! As you will probably run into some giant BTs later on… A simple grenade won’t do the trick with those guys. 

Overall Thoughts

Personally, I think that Death Stranding has an amazing mix of narrative design and sci-fi gameplay. However, if you’re not a big fan of cinematic. Also, the game can be quite slow to start off with, which I actually quite like, but this can become quite tiring for those than want to jump straight into the action. 

The game requires some quick thinking, as the entire design of it enables you to approach things differently. Stealth is always a safe option, but sometimes rushing for the shortest route can accomplish your goals quickly. After having read some reviews online, it seems that most players share the same opinion that the game begins slowly with ‘heavy cutscenes’, but has extremely great worldbuilding that you can definitely admire. 

In conclusion, you should definitely give Death Stranding a shot. It’s made by the legendary Hideo Kojima, who is known for his work on the Metal Gears series, which are all other games I play in my free time! 


  1. Thanks for posting your views. There’s been a lot of hype about the game and visually it looks great but the more I read about the gameplay, the less I think I’ll enjoy it. It was interesting to read your take though, and I’m glad you enjoyed the game.

  2. 我的天,这个游戏真是一款真正意义上的属于自己娱乐的游戏,散步模拟器:)HAHA,很期待。

  3. Heh i remember funny video review on youtube for this game. It is still mistery for me how much I would like it :). It is well known game for sure.

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