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Distrust and Killing In the Royal Court | Throne of Lies

If you like social deduction games and think you’re a great liar, then I would suggest you go on Steam and buy Throne of Lies right now. This is actually such an underrated game that I stumbled upon, which I am extremely grateful for! It’s like a medieval-themed werewolf or mafia game, but with much more complexity, strategy

So, if this sounds like your kind of game, let me explain a few more details and get right into it! This article won’t go over everything, because there are so many rules and abilities you have to keep track of.

How do you play Throne of Lies?

In a normal game of Throne of Lies, 16 players are pitted against one another to figure out who are the conniving traitors of the court! The court mainly consists of Blue Dragon members; these people are considered the “good guys”, also known as the clueless majority.

There are 2 main enemy factions: The Unseen and Cult. Only one of these can spawn in a game, so they can’t co-exist. Essentially, they are both led by two “leader” classes, called the Mastermind (Unseen) and the Cult Leader (Cult), which can convert Blue Dragon players.

Last but not least, there are 2-3 Neutrals that spawn in every game, along with a Neutral Killer. The latter’s goal is to kill everyone from the Blue Dragon and Cult / Unseen, while normal Neutrals each have their own goals (usually surviving).

The most unique feature of this game is the King. This is a person that is selected randomly in the beginning of the game, and ss essentially the ‘leader’ of the court. The King has a 65% chance of being Blue Dragon, while also having a 35% of being evil. This means that no one actually knows whose side the King is on, which can create a very tense and uneasy atmosphere! However, the King can ultimately tip the scales in a certain faction’s favor with his voting abilities.

Another class that always spawns in the game is the Prince. He acts as a ‘jailor’, who can imprison a person (excluding the King) every single night. While imprisoning somebody, the Prince can have a private conversation with them to gather more information. If you think someone is suspicious, you can take matters into your own hands by executing them.

Everyone is assigned a random role, with a King and 2 people starting off as Unseen or Cult. The game is divided into two phases: Day and Night. During the day, the court can vote for someone to be put on trial, with their fate decided by whether the majority vote “guilty” or “innocent”. During the night, you can choose to perform a night ability, or meet up with your Unseen / Cult comrades if you’re evil.

There are over 30 different roles in the game, so you can imagine my confusion and struggle when trying to learn all these roles from scratch. If you’ve played Town of Salem or other similar social deduction games before, then you should pick up on the basics relatively quickly though.

If the King ever dies, there will be a nomination held for another King to be appointed, if there are 5 or more people left in the court.

You have access to 3 kinds of tools in the game: Journal Logs, Death Note and Private Logs. The former is where you can write down all your findings in a journal, which will be shown to the court if you ever die. If you are a role that could potentially kill another person, then whatever you draw on your death note will be shown to the court. I’ve seen so many talented artists draw masterpieces on this after mercilessly killing someone! Finally, private logs are where you can write things that you’d like to keep to yourself; none of this information will be shown to the court ever.

Because of the conversion factor in this game, no one can truly be trusted in the long run. Someone that could have helped find all the evils could suddenly become one themself! However, there are roles that can stop this from happening, so sometimes you have to just take the risk.

Overall Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it… This game is definitely difficult to master, let alone learn! Because I’ve been through this struggle, here are some good resources you can use to learn the game:

Queen of Lies (Youtube Channel with Guide Videos)

MrSmoothTV (Youtube Channel with Gameplay Videos)

The Throne of Lies Fandom Wiki Page (Class Descriptions and Lore)

Imperium42 Forum of Lies (User Forum / Discussions)

In conclusion, this article was just my little dedication to this little game. The fanbase is quite small, but I often find myself living through so many exciting games! The plot twists are endless and I can assure you that you’ll be bamboozled at least once.

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  1. I played this game once, the whole player base is full of people who dont want to teach noobies and laugh at your face when you ask for help.

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