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Escape the Underground Complex and Survive the Warden | GTFO

GTFO is an intense first-person shooter for 4 players, where you’ll have to fight an onslaught of enemies, crack difficult puzzles and try to survive the Warden. I absolutely love the slogan of the game: “Work together or die together”. Might I add that this game definitely showcases some gore along with good graphics? I’ll be diving into the basic gameplay mechanics At the end of this review, I’ll be talking a little bit about an upcoming giveaway for this game!

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What is GTFO about?

GTFO is set in this underground building / structure. 4 scavengers have been brought here against their will by something called the ‘Warden’. Based on the overall atmosphere and environment, this game has also been considered a ‘survival-horror’ by some, and rightfully so! You have to complete several objects as a squad, while watching out for those cannibalistic monsters lurking around.

There are 4 main characters:

  • Hackett; provides some comical relief.
  • Bishop; wants to get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible
  • Woods; believes that there is a deeper meaning for everything
  • Dauda; is conservative but tactical

How Do You Play GTFO?

GTFO has the basic mechanics that most other shooter games have. You’ll be able to select your primary weapon, secondary weapon, melee weapon, and tool. However, you actually have to approach things quite tactically. To bypass some obstacles (like doors), you’ll need to successfully hack them or do a bio-scan to access any resources inside.

Since resources aren’t easy to come by, you should try to play as stealthily as possible. Charging into large hordes of monsters will only make you waste a ton of ammo, with little-to-no benefit. The game wiki itself suggests that the best method of killing something is approaching it from behind and performing a sneak attack, so you don’t draw attention and can eliminate them quickly. 

During an expedition, any player could possibly contract the infection. This slowly depletes your health but can be countered with items like medical packs. As you progress further in the game, you can eventually build turrets and use other tools that will aid you in combat. Furthermore, there are even more interactable objects around the map, with lockers and terminals being prime examples.

Since the environment is mainly immersed in darkness, players can also activate their flashlights to help maneuver around easier. However, doing so too often will attract monsters or completely waste your resources. When you have to take on these monsters, always aim for the head if things go south. 

Overall Thoughts

In general, I think that GTFO is definitely a game to watch. It’s great to play with friends, and also has a lot of similar features from other renowned shooter games, like Call of Duty for instance! The gameplay is spiced up a bit with little minigames and problem-solving mechanics. GTFO is fast-paced, but I’ve seen quite a few people complain a little about the amount of lore. Though personally, I think that there are just enough little hints here and there for you to put the pieces together.

Now, GG Players will be announcing a giveaway soon, and you’ll have a chance to enter for a free copy of this game. As always, just make sure you check the site regularly or join our Discord. 


  1. I agree. Friends play games I do not like to play like Skyrim. But I like to watch what they do.
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