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Escaping Nemesis in the Ruins of Raccoon City | Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is yet another remake of the original franchise. Bringing unique twists to the table, both regarding storylines and characters, makes the game engaging. As always, this is a survival-horror game not for the faint-hearted… There’s no shortage of zombies and gore! 

Even though it’s part of an iconic franchise, Resident Evil 3 actually steers clear from the decision-making that appears in the earlier games. Instead, you have to concentrate more on the action-packed gameplay and horror. As you can once again play as two protagonists, they each have their own appropriate playstyle. I won’t spoil too much, but one will probably have to be in charge of taking care of big swarms of zombies with miniguns, while the other needs to be more tactical with puzzle-solving. 

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What is Resident Evil 3 About?

The game is set in Raccoon City again, following the aftermath of the T-Virus being unleashed. This time, there’s a fearsome beast-like mutant called ‘Nemesis’ that is hunting you down. There are two new protagonists in this game, namely Jill and Carlos. Having served in the military and now working as part of S.T.A.R.S, Jill is the definition of a badass. This whole mess started for her after she was attacked by Nemesis.

Later on, she runs into Carlos, who turns out to be a mercenary. Along with other people in his mercenary taskforce, Carlos had set up a plan to get civilians evacuated. The two protagonists then work together to get to the bottom of things.

From then onwards, you can expect to find some good old zombies lurking around. However, Nemesis is definitely a formidable upgrade… He’s this deformed humanoid beast that is terrifyingly intelligent. One wrong move and he’ll be right on your tail. 

How Do You Play Resident Evil 3?

Just like the other games in the franchise, Resident Evil 3 is a third person shooter. However, you can also briefly play in first person with Jill at the beginning, which is also a nifty little feature from the original game. The actual environment is more or less similar to Resident Evil 2. I mean, it’s set in the same place so that only makes sense. However, you are able to explore new locations. 

If you’re familiar with the previous Resident Evil games, then the gameplay is pretty much the same. You go around looking for items, completing quests, and killing zombies. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can try playing the game at a harder difficulty. 

During fights, you can move around and dodge as well. Weapons, ammo, healing items and other supplies around the map. It’s refreshing to see quite a few cinematics in Resident Evil 3, which just adds to the overall tension and helps ease you in a little. 

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think Resident Evil 3 is a classic, having used elements from the original version. Like the previous releases, Resident Evil 3 was recognized for its revamped graphics and gameplay mechanics. However, some people have been saying that it is quite short. While I don’t necessarily consider this a terribly bad thing, the pacing can be quite intense and quick. 

After reading a bunch of reviews from companies and players alike, it seems that this game hasn’t included all the memorable features from the old version. Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but can leave some old veterans of the game feeling a little disappointed. Like most people have said, Resident Evil 3 is a good game, but not exactly the best remake out there. 

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