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Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout

Lemmings. Or closer perhaps, Transformice would be the best way to describe the inspiration for Fall Guys. Maybe even the TV show Takeshi’s Castle. It’s a seemingly innocent game full of pink and soft tone colors suitable for the youngest kids in your household. But, in reality it’s a brutal competition with only one winner.

60 player bash

Every match starts you off with 60 players. Each round is up to about 2-3 minutes in duration and you will play up to about 5 rounds until there is only one winner. The winner takes the crown.

It’s a battle royale. In such a way that you will play up to 5 rounds of random levels consisting of races, team matches and dodging obstacles. If you are eliminated then you’ll be able to start a new match pretty quickly because currently this game is on the 11’th spot of Steam’s most played listing. It had a peek of over 100k players just last month. Odd enough the reviews are “Mostly Positive”, which generally indicates about 60-70% positive reviews.

A modern success story

Fall Guys grew fast, very fast in fact. Currently it has over 2 million copies sold and isn’t slowing down much. The devs have been overwhelmed (literally) with the gigantic influx of players and feedback. Quite simply being unprepared for the hit this game became seemingly overnight. Some Twitch streamers may be to blame for this, in bringing awareness of the game to the masses.

No company can expect suddenly having to deal with 100k active players when they’re expecting maybe 10k or 25k. Just look at the ever memorable Blizzard launch days for Diablo or WoW, with queues going upward several thousands along with crashes.

As with any success story there will instantly be copies showing up. Especially on Android it seems. Titles like Fall Dudes, Knockout Race and Run Royale are basically lesser quality carbon copies. Or perhaps Fall Guys wasn’t first? Either way it’s very successful and people have taken notice.

On the flipside

With the high level of popularity the game has brought forth, so too come in the cheaters. After all, any competitive game will have people wanting to win – at any cost. Up until recently you couldn’t join a single match without contestants magically flying or teleporting straight to the end. The devs have taken notice and been working hard at creating a fair competitive environment for all involved.

Season 1 is currently in progress, and season 2 has been previewed with a lot of improvements coming. New levels, more costumes, many more costumes. On top of the base game price there’s a rapidly growing amount of extra money you can spend on making your Fall Guy look more unique than the rest of the horde. Unicorns, crocodiles, wolves, hamburgers you name it. For a couple bucks you’re able to look just like everyone else who bought the collector’s edition. As the franchise grows, we’re sure to get more costumes over time. Those servers aren’t going to pay for themselves.

As the game is new and fresh, the amount of content is still fairly limited. Season 2 as stated should bring in a lot of extra content as the devs have shown – they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. (Coming this october 2020)

Play with friends

Or better yet, play with GGPlayers. Come hang out on our discord and join the fun. Fall Guys is a decent game when playing solo, as you can quickly get into matches and boost up your rank for this season. But honestly – a game like this works best when played with (new) friends. Up to a small group of 4 players at a time. There really isn’t that much difference to playing solo, so hopefully the devs will improve upon that in the near future. But for the time being – turn off the repetitive music, turn up some of your favorite metal tracks and get racing for that crown!

Fall Guys will inspire your inner competitive self to grab, tackle or hug your friends and drag them into the abyss along with you.

Release date: 4 Aug, 2020

Minimum system requirements: Windows 10 64 bit only, Intel core i5 or higher, 8 GB ram, Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 or better, Broadband internet, 2 GB available disk space, Gamepad recommended.


  1. i dont play this game because is not my taste but sometimes i have fun to see other people play it hahaha because how the characters move and how people interact with the enviroments it’s very fun

  2. i think also would be nice if one day the developer of this game (now that the engine and gameplay\physic is already done and ready) will use this game for create a single player adventure with it too i would be happy to buy it then,i know thi game has born as massive multiplayer,but consider that the gameplay\physic\characters it’s already ready it’s a shame that they will not be used for create the same game but with single player adventure just by add sort of storytelling,quests.

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