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Fanatical Brawler Bundle 2 Review

An exciting roster that really packs a punch! Get into the action with the kick-ass Brawler Bundle 2. Featuring six Steam PC games, you’ll be hitting high combos, taking on apex predators, mastering classic martial arts and much more!

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Here’s what Steam keys you can get in Fanatical Brawler Bundle 2 for:
2.99 USD | 2.99 EUR | 2.79 GBP | 3.95 CAD | 4.49 AUD |

TitleReviewsHistorical Low (USD)Times in Bundle
GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R93% of 727 Reviews$2.465
Double Dragon IV63% of 558 Reviews$1.112
Divekick90% of 1104 Reviews$1.8311
Shark Attack Deathmatch 275% of 1365 Reviews$0.497
Kings of Kung Fu64% of 553 Reviews$0.991
Hive Jump72% of 194 Reviews$1.994

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Fanatical Brawler Bundle 2

Bundle Price - 80%
Bundled Games - 76%



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User Rating: 1.96 ( 12 votes)


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