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Fanatical Build Your Own Holiday Bundle Review

Enjoy the festive season with your own collection of fantastic Steam PC games in the Fanatical Build your own Holiday Bundle. You’ll be able to select from a line-up of 24 titles to help warm up your gaming sessions over Christmas.

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Here’s what Steam keys you can get from the Fanatical Build Your Own Holiday Bundle 2020, depending on how much you choose to pay! You can choose out of 24 Steam games to make your own custom bundle!

Get any Steam Key for $1.00, 5 Steam Keys for $2.99 or 10 Steam Keys for $4.99


Alchemy Garden83% of 1291$1.00
Among the Sleep87% of 40168$1.00
Assault Suit Leynos70% of 941$1.00
Elden: Path of the Forgotten50% of 200$1.00
Furious Angels88% of 2631$1.00
Mana Spark84% of 3072$1.00
Mytheon57% of 831$1.00
Outpost Zero57% of 4752$1.00
Pinstripe90% of 14603$1.00
Precipice82% of 2221$1.00
Pure Chess73% of 1350$1.00
Rain of Reflections83% of 1462$1.00
Remnants of Naezith97% of 3252$1.00
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell95% of 11646$1.00
Streets of Red : Devil’s Dare Deluxe78% of 1045$1.00
Stunt Kite Party100% of 41$1.00
System Crash82% of 1751$1.00
Table Top Racing: World Tour74% of 3135$0.59
The Adventure Pals92% of 5013$1.00
The Slater72% of 3381$1.00
The Spectrum Retreat73% of 1301$1.00
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes80% of 18623$1.00
Unity of Command79% of 6572$1.00
XIII – Classic94% of 7271$1.00

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Fanatical Build Your Own Holiday Bundle

Bundle Price - 41%
Bundled Games - 78%



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