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Fanatical Build Your Own New Year Bundle 2021 Review

Kick-off 2021 in style with your own selection of highly-rated Steam PC games in Fanatical’s latest Build your own New Year Bundle.

All the games from this bundle will be up for grabs for the GGPlayers community! Be sure to like and follow us on FacebookTwitterDiscord and Steam Group.

Here’s what Steam keys you can get from the Fanatical Build Your Own New Year Bundle 2021, depending on how much you choose to pay! You can choose out of 20 Steam games to make your own custom bundle!

Get any Steam Key for $1.00, 5 Steam Keys for $2.99 or 10 Steam Keys for $4.99

Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank86% of 590$1.00
Cursed Treasure 285% of 2740$1.00
Days of War50% of 13651$1.00
DiRT Rally88% of 187146$1.00
Doodle Derby94% of 181$2.29
Dungeon Rats78% of 3983$1.00
EARTH’S DAWN81% of 1352$1.00
F1 Race Stars CompleteNo user reviews2$1.00
Jalopy79% of 53935$1.00
Looterkings79% of 2841$1.00
Love is Dead86% of 231$1.00
Niffelheim74% of 13852$1.00
Path to Mnemosyne85% of 782$1.00
Reventure95% of 43172$1.00
Shadwen77% of 8005$1.00
Super Chibi Knight87% of 2483$1.00
Table Manners64% of 1781$1.00
The Crown of Leaves97% of 8862$1.00
Toybox Turbos86% of 62814$0.20
New Year Mystery GameN/AN/AN/A

Invite Only Steam Key Giveaways Level 1+

Fanatical Build Your Own New Year Bundle 2021

Bundle Price - 51%
Bundled Games - 82%



What do you think of the Fanatical Build Your Own New Year Bundle 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Our Mystery Key for this bundle was Viking Brothers 3!

User Rating: 1.46 ( 14 votes)


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