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Fanatical Killer Bundle 15 Review

Fanatical Killer Bundle 15 is out now! Introducing a brand-new, must-have collection featuring eight Steam PC games.

All the games from this bundle will be up for grabs for the GGPlayers community! Be sure to like and follow us on FacebookTwitterDiscord and Steam Group.

Here’s what Steam keys you can get in Fanatical Killer Bundle 15 for:
Tier 1 – 4.99 USD | 4.99 EUR | 4.49 GBP | 6.49 CAD | 7.29 AUD |

Blazing Chrome91% of 6440*$6.37
Dark Devotion78% of 12330$7.50
DiRT Rally 2.083% of 121143$5.00
Lethal League Blaze96% of 30691$11.99
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition86% of 36330*$3.99
Road Redemption81% of 71403$6.19
Streets of Fury EX96% of 3690$1.99
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier78% of 95511$3.74

Invite Only Steam Key Giveaways Level 1+

Fanatical Killer Bundle 15

Bundle Price - 89%
Bundled Games - 86%



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