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Fanatical Monster Mystery Bundle Review

Discover spooky Steam games that will have you howling at the moon in the Fanatical Monster Mystery Bundle. From terrifying zombie encounters and pure survival horrors to post-apocalyptic battles and demon-slaying action – and a huge array of other genres to enjoy.

All the games from this bundle will be up for grabs for the GGPlayers community! Be sure to like and follow us on FacebookDiscord and Steam Group!

You can get 7 random Steam games + one “Spooky game” or a $6.66 coupon for:
5.99 USD | 6.05 EUR | 5.55 GBP | 7.85 CAD | 9.35 AUD |

Please note: If you buy one bundle in a single order, you will receive different games. If you purchase multiple bundles, through one or more orders, there’s a chance that you will receive duplicate copies of one or more game.

Here’s what Steam Games we received from buying the Fanatical Monster Mystery Bundle:

Airport Madness: Time Machine79% of 644$6.99
American Fugitive74% of 9413$19.99
Beholder 289% of 28742$14.99
Blood: Fresh Supply94% of 26243$9.99
Bomb The Monsters!44% of 329$3.99
Copperbell95% of 201$9.99
Crazy Belts35% of 5513$3.99
Enola67% of 815$14.99
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered81% of 277318$9.99
GRIP: Combat Racing87% of 21313$29.99
Hob89% of 31783$19.99
Hyperdrive Massacre83% of 187$9.99
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™66% of 20932$6.99
Livelock79% of 3264$9.99
Moto Racer 456% of 1373$14.99
Narcos: Rise of the Cartels51% of 1672$29.99
Outcast – Second Contact85% of 3562$34.99
Overlord Ultimate Evil CollectionNo user reviews0$ –
Quantum Conundrum83% of 13412$8.99
SimCity 4 Deluxe77% of 49075$19.99
Stronghold HD94% of 43255$5.99
Super Mutant Alien Assault95% of 631$9.99
Think of the Children67% of 673$9.99
Torchlight91% of 36404$14.99
Trailer Trashers92% of 141$4.99
Western Press79% of 533$4.99

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Fanatical Monster Mystery Bundle

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User Rating: 2.52 ( 11 votes)


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