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Fight to Be The Last Squad Standing | Apex Legends

Apex Legends. This game has taken the industry by storm after its unexpected release! Being a free-to-play Battle Royale game, it’s become very popular amongst the gaming community. It’s focused on teamwork, so this is the perfect game to play with some friends, or even to make new ones!

As a little bonus, Respawn (the studio that developed this game) regularly updates Apex Legends with new balance changes, as well as ‘seasons’. Each season, a new playable Legend is introduced with unique abilities and appearances.

How do you play Apex Legends?

In Apex Legends, a squad consists of three unique Legends. You can choose between different kinds of Legends (Recon, Support, Defense, Assault), each with their respective abilities. In a normal game, there should be 20 squads fighting for victory.

The game starts off with everyone in a dropship, which flies over the map. One person in the squad is assigned to be the jumpmaster. You can ping locations to your mates, and once you jump as the jumpmaster, everyone else in the squad automatically follows your character. Be careful though! You start off with nothing, so you’ll have to scramble to find loot as quickly as possible.

Once a player’s health his depleted, they are put into a ‘knocked down’ state. Now, they have a bleed-out timer and will die if it reaches 0. However, a fellow squadmate can revive you while you’re in this state. When you die, you leave behind a player death box, which has all your loot and a banner. Even after you die, there is a chance for you to be brought back! Alive squadmates can pick up your banner, which can be used on respawn beacons to bring you back to the fight.

Like all other Battle Royale games, there is a ring that’ll close down on you. Making sure you stay in the safe zone is such a priority, because you get damaged staying outside the ring for too long. I’ve had my fair share of dying embarrassingly to the ring, with no enemies in sight.

There are mainly 4 tiers of loot you can get: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary gear. Each of them progressively gets better, which will give you a huge advantage over players that are more poorly equipped. Legendary gear, which shows up as gold, is the hardest to get. Some of these even have the potential to give you powerful perks, like healing quicker or reviving yourself when you get knocked.

Throughout the game, every Legend has an ultimate ability they can use once their progression meter fills up. One amazing thing I really have to emphasize is the in-game communication system. While it is encouraged to use a microphone when playing this sort of game, especially the ranked gamemode, the game has an extensive pinging system you can use. With this, you can point out special weapons, announce your next moves and strategize with your squadmates.

To spice things up, there are care packages that spawn in the game every now and then. These give you legendary gear and additional healing consumables. The only catch is that everyone gets notified when a care package is spawning, so there’s quite a huge chance you’ll run into another squad trying to get the loot.

Occasionally, there are some events where you can get limited-time cosmetics and rewards. As I mentioned before, Respawn does publish constant updates and cinematics on their YouTube Channel, all of which is super entertaining to watch.

As you play more and more games, you begin to level up. Doing so gives you some tokens, in-game currency, and Apex packs. The latter can be unlocked to get free cosmetics, voice lines, banners as well as other in-game objects for free!

Overall Thoughts

Apex Legends is a fantastic game that you can play on both console and PC. Since this game is run by EA, people might have the negative stereotype that the company wants to exploit players for money. This is also known as microtransactions, which is in almost every single free-to-play game. I mean, how else would they earn money?

While I agree that some of the cosmetics are ridiculously expensive, the appearances of heroes and guns don’t really impact gameplay itself. This means that there aren’t any unfair advantages for certain players.


    1. It’s alright. Some guns are quite OP compared to others, but Respawn listens to feedback so they do release balance patches. Revenant, a new hero released in season 4, has received quite a bit of backlash due to him being ‘underpowered’.

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