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Gather Resources, Build Shelters and Survive | The Forest

The Forest is your standard survival game. You can venture out into the wildlands and gather resources. If you’re looking to get a feel for the survival experience, then this is the perfect game for you. I mean, you can chop down whatever tree you want, hunt animals for food, and explore all sorts of locations. 

What is The Forest About?

You essentially start on an airplane with your son. Suddenly, everything goes flying around as lights flicker and you realize that you’re starting to crash. You pass out, only to wake up and see dead bodies, while helplessly witnessing your son being taken by someone. From that moment forward, you have to do whatever it takes to survive.

Instead of just having some barren kind of island to live on, there’s also wrecks of the plane lying around, which have some useful resources like drugs (for healing). As expected, there’s a day and night cycle you’ll have to go through. Just like Minecraft in a sense, I feel that it’s more dangerous during the night as you never know what could jump at you.

If you want to follow the ‘story route’ of this game, then it’s your mission to try finding your son. For all you know, he could be dead or held hostage by some cannibal! As you delve further into the vast world of The Forest, you’ll find some scary creatures that look more mutant than human. By this stage, you’ll need to be more prepared and have better weapons at your arsenal. The Forest may just seem like some simple survival game, but there is actually so much more happening behind the scenes… 

How Do You Play The Forest?

You play in first person and can retrieve items all throughout the map. In fact, you start off in the crashed aircraft and can already collect a few things over there. After that, you can go wherever you want and try setting up shelter. By collecting wood and stones, you can craft structures or objects.

You always have to make sure that you’re taken care of. With a thirst and hunger bar, you need to constantly be on the lookout for food and water, which can be hard to come across if you end up stranded on a mountain. You can find different kinds of berries, animals and other food available to you. Furthermore, you can fight other entities and creatures lurking around the map, whether that be animals or some of the cannibals. I find that they’re usually in some makeshift huts, with some very interesting decorations… Dare I say heads on pikes?

What’s funny is that there isn’t a ‘forced’ ending in the game. Depending on how far your progress and where you actually explore, you don’t even need to technically finish the game. In the case you make it to the end stage though, there are exactly two endings you could potentially get, but I won’t spoil any. You could just play a survival simulator the whole time and see how long you could live for. 

Please keep in mind that this game doesn’t have to be played alone. You can actually invite some friends on this journey, which completely changes the gameplay as you have to now factor teamwork into it. However, this will call upon strategy… More people means more mouths that need to be fed.

Overall Thoughts

In general, I think that this is a great game! Even though the graphics aren’t top-tier, I feel as though the gameplay more than makes up for it. The Forest has simple survival mechanics, but a surprisingly subtle lore that you can delve into. Besides from the opening cutscene, The Forest focuses on gameplay (apart from a few cinematics here and there, especially when you’ve reached the ending of the game). 

I personally really like the crafting aspect of this game, because it gives you a feeling of freedom to create whatever you need. In some ways, I think that this game shares a lot of creative traits from Minecraft, as I mentioned before.


  1. A very well written review. Thank you for that.
    If I may give a tip, not sure if it’s something that you would want to do. (And that’s okay)
    But I think it would be nice if you included a few in-game screenshots?

  2. Well covered review and to the point.
    At first, I didn’t know, the game has a story in it.
    Seems really interesting and adventurous. 🌲🤠🏡

  3. Great review. The only thing keeping me from buying this game is the fact that they increased the game price a long time ago and never put the price lower than before (even if several years have passed since the price increase).
    This reminds me of activision’s 15 years old games that never get a significant discount and still get price increases from time to time. That kinda grinds my gears. :p

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