Is this a scam?

Absolutely not. When I contact a winner (or someone in general), I never ask for any personal or sensitive information. Also, you can see previous winners on the website and Discord as proof of receiving rewards.

Why are you doing this?

Well, there’s actually a very simple answer to that question! I love games and love sharing things with others! So, what would be better than giving back to the gaming community? I’d like to give people the chance to discover games they’ve never even heard of before, while also being able to get some popular games for themselves.

Are you making any profit?

Nope! I don’t do this for my own personal gain however I am currently in contact with some affiliate programs that can potentially help with the server costs as well as hopefully enable me to host more amazing giveaways in the future for the community to join in on!

Can I just join any giveaway?

There will be a huge variety of giveaways, but I urge you to only participate in those that you don’t have the game of. Because I want everyone to have a fair shot at trying out a new game, anyone that joins who already has the game will automatically be disqualified. Then the giveaway winner will be re-rolled.

How long has this website been here for?

GG Players was first launched on March 11th, 2020. Before officially launching, I had been doing giveaways in various subreddits and discord servers. This website has been a chance for me to truly branch out! I seriously think that there is a lot of potential to grow and expand further.

Am I allowed to invite my friends or family?

The more the merrier! I highly encourage you to invite as many people as you can. However, it’s important to note that the system may sometimes pick up on multiple account registrations in the same household, so you will need to prove that you are not creating multiple accounts just to take advantage of these giveaways. This is a very serious rule because I want everyone to have an equal shot!

In order to verify your account in such cases, this can be done by contacting me prior to joining any giveaways. Any accounts in question will have to show me their steam account, so I can make sure they’re all unique. If any of the staff or myself catch you misusing this system, we reserve the right to ban and delete your account. This includes using the same I.P address or a VPN.

What other social platforms are you on?

GG Players is active on quite a few social media platforms. We post regular updates on giveaways and articles. If you would like to stay updated on any upcoming events, I would recommend checking out the links below:

What do I do if I end up winning a giveaway?

When you win a giveaway, send me a friend request on the GG Players platform. After I accept the request, you should then send me a link of your Steam ID for me to give you a free copy of the game. You can expect to receive the game in your inventory shortly.

Why do we only have 24 hours to react after a giveaway?

I believe that a day is enough time to react after winning a giveaway. If someone doesn’t respond or take action within 24 hours, then the winner will be re-rolled. This is because I want to make sure that there is a guaranteed winner, and so other participants don’t get left out.

What are GG Points?

GG Points are the universal currency of this platform. While there’s not that many uses for them right now, we will soon be continuing to work on this currency system. GG points can be obtained in many easy ways. You can obtain points by simply making an account or logging in daily.

On GG Players we have a strong emphasis on creating a community so another easy way to obtain points is by posting and interacting with other gamers. The amount we award can change based on various factors. You can earn points for the following:

Group Posts

Posting into a group awards you 150 GG Points. So get started on posting and share your valued thoughts with other community members! Don’t forget- it’s important that you ensure you’re posting in the right group so you get a relevant response on your topic of choice! 

Comments and Replies

Replying to another user’s comment or leaving a comment also awards you 150 GG Points. That being said, this website will be mindful of posts that come off as spam.  

What can I use GG Points for?

Right now, GG Points are still being developed. However stay tuned as there are many exciting draws yet to be released! It is likely that most of our giveaways will require an entry fee of around 1250 GG Points to be part of the draw to help give everyone a chance to join in on the giveaways!

Can I apply to become a moderator?

I appreciate any help! I’m still setting up a mediation application process, so when that’s all sorted, there will be an announcement posted. However, you will need to fulfill some requirements in order to qualify, like past experience and availability.

Are all games for Steam only?

The majority of games I give away are for Steam. They are all purchased from various stores such as Humble Bundle, so it’s always more secure to have a Steam key for fast results and whatnot.

Why do we need a steam account with 1 year activity and a certain amount of playtime (as per the rules)?

This is to ensure that multiple accounts aren’t being created for the sake of increasing the chances of winning. Also, I want to verify that people actually have an interest in games and will put these to good use.

Where do you get all these games from?

Most of the games I’m giving away are bought from Humble Bundle and Fanatical, as well as Steam. I purchase gift cards in my local game store. All of these sources are reliable and have a huge variety of choices, so you can rest assured that there’ll be a ton of giveaways to come.

Can you review my game or a game of my choice?

We have amazing writers who contribute to GG Players, and would love to review a game of your choice! If you have a specific request, feel free to let us know in Discord or make a post about it.

There’s also an option to have a sponsored post made for your own game. Any funds received from advertising on the site will go towards server costs and future giveaways. This website is a real passion project for me.

Do you need any streamers or content creators?

Definitely. It would be amazing to get some streamers and other content creators to collaborate with GG Players! If you have a fanbase (big or small) and are interested, contact me on Discord and we can work things out.


Finally, at GG Players we value constructive feedback. If you have any suggestions on how we can make GG Points better just give us a bell on Discord

Stay tuned for further perks yet to be announced!

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