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GGP Community event winners – Week #2

Lets go with some H2OπŸ’§

Our second weekly event (held at our great community discord) has just ended.
The theme was water and just as last week we got some really nice entries! (Last week the theme was Cats & Dogs!!!)

Ahem ahem ahem!
To all participants, Congratulations!
To all non-participants, also congratulations! (and be sure to participate next week!)

Here are the WINNERS!!!

Winner of 1500 Points – JuKe

By JuKe

Winner of 1000 Points – La Volpe

By La Volpe

Winner of 500 Points – Kriss ✠ Tone

By Kriss ✠ Tone

Aren’t those just great?! I have to say that I loved all entries, but one in particular caught my eye and I think it deserves an honorable mention!. So here it is! (Sorry, you didn’t win anything except some extra fame? πŸ˜‹)

Winner of catching Nora’s eye – Smythe

By Smythe

Now that was really all. There are some more that you can see in the discord. I hope to meet you there!



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