Giveaway Rules

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Please read the following chapter carefully as it contains important rules and tips which will help you in participating in our welcoming community.

The majority of our giveaways are steam keys. If a key is for a different platform it will be specifically stated. All content on this site is provided free of charge for the gaming community.

Before entering a giveaway

You must play the games you have won

If you have won a game on this site, or our discord, and have not played it within reasonable amount of time and continue to enter giveaways, you may be restricted from using the site, or entering giveaways in the future.

Idling games and using third party software to make it appear you played the game is also prohibited. We expect you to put in a little effort and give the game a fair chance. We essentially do not want you to enter a giveaway unless you have the time to play it.

You must provide proof you have activated the game within 10 minutes
Upon receiving your game or store credit voucher, you must provide proof of having received and activated the code yourself. Regifting, transferring the game to other users, or reselling the key is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from this site.

If you are not in a position to activate your game, you should notify the owner of the key of this fact before accepting your prize.

You may not enter giveaways for DLC if you already own the base game

Please check carefully before entering a giveaway whether you already own the game. You may not hide or delete the base game to make it appear as though you do not already own a game.

The giveaways are intended to be fair and open to all, and we want to make sure the key is not wasted for “just DLC”. Please only enter giveaways if you intend to play the game. The intent is to send free games to people who will put them to good use.

Giveaway eligibility

To become eligible to enter the site and discord giveaways you need to be manually verified (we do this to prevent bots from entering). This process is simple but can take a day or two to process. Please have some patience, we promise it’s all worth it in the end as you’ll be joining in with an amazing gaming community!

To start the verification process for the website please click here! Or simply join our discord and post a request with your SteamID64 in the GGP-Club Request channel. Please read this page for more information on how to get your SteamID64 for your steam profile. Or head straight here.

GGP Steam account verification requirements:
– Set your profile and game details to public (for viewing purposes)
– Absolutely no VAC bans. (No game bans either, for now – but we will review these again later.)
– Your account must be at least one year old.
– Level 10 or higher.
— Own at least 10 games. (This and all below lines should exclude free (F2P, gifts, idle farm) games such as Team fortress, Dota 2 and CS:GO)
– A total of 100 hours played.
– At least 5 games you own have a total played time of 12 hours or more per game. In these games you must have earned achievements that at least 60% of the world who play this game have as well.
– Total account value should be 100$ or above

Account visibility:
– Please put a link to your GGP account in your steam profile, so we know it’s you.
– Edit your profile and show us your game achievements. This helps us a lot in the verification process.
– If you are using discord, please link your discord to your steam account.

– To unlock your account and be able to gain levels you need to spend at least $5 on the steam store.
– Level 10 is only 1000xp in total. (This is to ensure your account is unlocked and able to show the achievement bar.
– To earn your first 500xp, get the community badge.
– See: to calculate your account value and total played time.

Winning a giveaway

Upon winning a giveaway on the site or discord, you will have to message Tofu your steam profile ID. You should contact him on discord within 24 hours or the prize will be re-rolled and another winner will be selected. Please note that your prize will not be sent by email. If you are found to have entered a giveaway for a game you are not eligible for (e.g. already owned), you may be disqualified from future giveaways (Re-rolling costs us a lot of time and effort). This is to ensure the game won is guaranteed to be put to good use and other participants don’t get left out.

Discord flash giveaways
The above rules also apply to games won during our discord flash giveaway sessions. Please note that keys should be claimed within a few minutes rather than the 24 hours for site giveaways.

After winning

Please post proof of winning within 10 minutes. You can use imgur to upload the screenshot. Just state the name/source of the giveaway and add a screenshot.
– For games/ Steam gift cards won on the site, please use the winner’s podium group.
– For games/ Steam gift cards won in our discord, please use the Giveaway-Proof Channel to post your screenshots.
– To let us know you’ve played a game won, please use the discord Played-Proof channel. Screenshots are not needed but always welcome as it shows us you enjoyed the game.
– Your steam profile must be public so we can verify you’ve activated / played the game.

This site is not affiliated with game developer companies or its licensors. Names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective owners. All rights reserved. All product, company, and brand names , logos , and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Please find the guidelines below to set your Steam account Public

1. Start the Steam client on your computer. Hover on the profile name and select “Profile”.

2. Select “Edit Profile” on the page that opens. The Edit Profile button is located on the right side of your Steam Profile, just below your Steam Level.

3. Go to My Privacy Settings. My Privacy Settings is located in the menu on the right side of your Edit Profile page, it’s located below My Profile.

4. Select the following Settings – My Profile: Public & Game Details: Public

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