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How Minecraft Dominated The Gaming Industry

Today, I’ll be talking about a game that hits very close to home. Although many people might label Minecraft as some simple game for children, I find it very diverse and interesting to play! You’re not limited to spending your days alone, as there are numerous multiplayer options that are both local and online. I will be covering all of these in this article, so stay tuned.

What is so special about Minecraft?

Well, the whole concept of Minecraft is actually quite simplistic. In a standard survival game, you essentially just spawn into a randomly generated world (with a ton of different biomes you can explore). One aspect of the game that I think is heavily overlooked is actually redstone. With this game mechanic, you can create all sorts of automatic contraptions like cool machines, elevators,

The Overworld is the normal world you spawn in when you start the game. As mentioned before, there are a ton of different biomes (like deserts, plains, taiga forests and more) which have their own respective structures! I personally love Ocean monuments; you can find these in the sea and they have a ton of gold inside, though they are heavily guarded by ‘Guardians’.

The Nether is a hell-like dimension. It’s essentially a barren landscape smeared with red, lava and scary mobs. It has been unlivable for many years… However, there is a new update coming out very soon called ‘The Nether Update’! This means that there’ll be all sort of new features and a new ore (Netherite)! Along with some new biomes that add some diversity, there will also be Piglins that you can barter with. This opens a whole new world when it comes to gathering resources, and it’s a very interesting advancement for the game.

Last but not least, there’s The End. This is the final dimension and where the game ultimately leads you to. Your goal here is to kill the Ender Dragon, which then allows you to officially complete the game. Afterwards, you can go explore the End City. There, you can see the ruins of what seems to be ancient civilization. This dimension is home to Endermen.

Here, you have to defeat the final boss of the game, called the Ender Dragon. There are towers and pillars that regenerate this mighty foe though, so you’ll have to destroy these healing crystals before you’ll be able to take down the dragon. After doing so, you can check out the End City, which is almost a dystopian-like city that showcases the ruins of a once grand civilization. There are floating ships and desolate villages to explore with amazing loot… Think of it as a reward!

Is there more to Minecraft?

Definitely! There are different gamemodes like survival, where you have to gather resources to survive. On the other hand, you can also freely build a city or anything your heart desires in creative mode! The utility of these different gamemodes allows for a lot of exciting options when it comes to creating your own maps.

Also, you can expand past local multiplayer or singleplayer gameplay. There are thousands of online servers with different types of minigames and concepts! For example, Hypixel has become a very popular option; it boasts thousands of players a day with an array of diverse and fun minigames (Build Battle, Murder Mystery, Blitz, etc.)

What’s cool about this is some popular YouTubers and creators take it upon themselves to host a server for their fans! The community is a huge aspect of the game, as the following has adversely grown throughout the years. Believe me when I say it’s so entertaining to watch many speedruns, gameplays and walkthroughs on Youtube or Twitch.

Something I’d also like to point out is the abundance of mod showcases and command blocks. Mods can 100% change the gameplay of your world, by adding zombie apocalypse, scientific weapons, extra creates and new dimensions. Command blocks can do the same thing, but at a more basic level in my opinion (these are perfect for custom maps and don’t require players to download any additional files). This is when coders go into the game files and alter or add things to create custom minigames and other cool events. Furthermore, one thing that should also not be overlooked is the usage of texture packs! A lot of detail goes into intricately designing every single block accordingly. Having shaders and a great texture pack can completely change the feel of the game, giving it an eerie vibe or realistic graphics.

In conclusion, Minecraft has received a ton of good reviews which are very much deserved. On the other hand, you can find quite a bit of negative backlash… However, most of these comments are made in regards to servers and trolling done by other players, so this has nothing to do with the actual gameplay of Minecraft itself. I highly recommend it for people of all ages and think it’s a fantastic game to play with friends.


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