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Something we’ve noticed is that most (if not all) of the games in this bundle are actually board / card games, which have been adapted to be played digitally. We absolutely love the inclusion of this, as massive tabletop gaming fans can have their fun.

We figure that you know the drill by now! Plus, we’re pretty sure that all of you have noticed that the title has ‘giveaway’ included. Let’s just get right into it!

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Love Letter

Love Letter is honestly one of my favorite games. I have the base game as well as the expansion, with it being one of my guilty pleasures to play during parties. Essentially, each player gets a single character card, which has its own ability and strength value. 

The main goal of the game is to have a card with high strength at the end, with the highest being the Princess. When it’s your turn, you draw a new card (bringing your hand total to 2), while playing one. he player who has her, or whichever other card is the highest strength value present, wins the round. 

There are eight cards, with some of them having duplicates. I love the certain element of bluffing and social deduction this game brings, since you have no idea what your opponent has in their hand. The last thing you want to do is tip off the other players as to what you card is, as they can promptly eliminate you. If you’d like a more in-depth guide with strategies and tactics included, please check out this blog post

Mysterium (Secrets & Lies + Hidden Signs + Base Version)

Mysterium is an extremely fun game for those that consider themselves detectives in the making. Essentially, you play with a group of friends, who are all now psychics, while one person is the ‘ghost’. What’s the catch? The ghost can’t actually talk or do any gestures to help tip the psychics off. The ghost gets several cards with beautiful illustrations on them, which can be interpreted in various ways. They also get to select three possibilities of their murderer, location, and weapon used for each psychic. 

After handing the psychics some drawing cards, they’ll be allowed to choose between a few possible outcomes. If a psychic guesses correctly, they can move on to the next stage and interpret more cards. For example, after guessing who the possible murderer could be, they now get drawing cards to represent what the murder weapon could be. The pressure is on as everyone has to work together quickly to figure out this murder case… Or maybe, the physics are all just a bunch of phonies!

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition

The Lord of the Rings is unmistakably one of the biggest franchises out there. We love this game because it has a lot of great narrative design, with a whole world of quests and campaigns you can take on! 

Each hero is in a certain category; some give you access to healing cards, while others give you better fighting benefits. With these categories, you can build your own custom decks that are also in the same category. As if fighting orcs and monsters wasn’t enough, you’re also fighting a battle against time. Every player has a threat meter, which gradually goes up. Once it reaches the limit, you’ve been corrupted and have officially lost. 

The concept of the game is that you have to build a good and balanced deck. Using too many categories will make it hard to get enough tokens to actually play a card, while using only one category limits things severely. Sauron is constantly working against you; as more enemies start to pile up, you’re also forced to draw treachery cards. These are essentially event cards that can completely screw you over, by taking a hero out of the fight or forcing you to sacrifice some units. 

Overall Thoughts

There’s also way more other games out there in the bundle, with classics like Carcassonne. Here is a link to the bundle so you can see things for yourself! Make sure you’ve got our notifications enabled for future giveaways too.

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