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Time really sure does fly. We’re already a few days into June, and that means yet another Humble Choice of course! Today, we are happy to announce the Humble Choice June 2020 Giveaway, where we have 12 new games to choose from!

GG Players will be hosting special giveaways each week with winners announced on Tuesday and Thursday until all 9 games have been given away! The winner’s will get to pick what game they would like to have from the Humble Choice June 2020!

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Let’s get into some of the top picks we’ve picked out right now. 

GRID – Ultimate Edition

GRID. No longer will you have to watch Formula One racers drive around in ferocious races, when you can take that mantle for yourself and conquer the track! This is a great driving simulator, as you can participate in different competitions and race challenges.

You can also purchase different vehicles, teammates (which give you different advantages and fun personalities to play alongside) and items. The AI opponents you face in this game are really competitive, and this just fuels your adrenaline as you race around the track. You can also go up against other players, customizing your vehicle and claiming your spot as the rightful champion.

As a little bonus, the game that comes along in this bundle is actually the Ultimate Edition, which comes with a few extra perks and features!

The Stillness of the Wind

The Stillness of the Wind is a very relaxing game, coming along with a simple yet fun concept. In this game, you basically take on the role of someone tending a farm. As the title suggests, you are living in quite an isolated place as everyone else has abandoned this village for a better life in the city.

You basically have free reign when it comes to looking after your farm. It’s your job to take care of the animals, feed them, gather resources, cook meals for yourself and make the best out of this situation.

However, this game is more than just some farm simulator. You start to get disturbing letters, as your animals and resources start to go missing. Disasters begin to strike and you’re left to try to fight against the decay of your crops… Is there a deeper meaning or message behind everything?

Felix the Reaper

Felix the Reaper is definitely a game that deserves recognition. It is a 3D puzzle adventure game that puts a fun twist on the Grim Reaper, as your job is to make sure that people die. Spawning in different levels, you have to explore your surroundings and use the objects in the environment to kill your targets.

Whether you make use of levers, buttons, cranes or other items, you’re definitely going to be taking some people out in style. Did we forget to mention that Felix also has a burning passion for dancing? In general, if you’re someone that enjoys casual gameplay, then this game will certainly make you laugh!


Barotrauma allows you to take on different roles. You can choose to be a Captain, Medic, Mechanic or Engineer onboard this submarine, which you can actually commandeer with other players! This game is kind of like Star Trek, but if everyone used submarines instead of spaceships.

There is a wide range of weapons, ranging from nuclear bombs to simple guns, to fight against these vicious creatures lurking in the sea. You can gather resources and create new tools using the game’s extensive crafting system. The main goal of the game is to explore the world around you, uncovering artifacts in the process and scavenging in ruins and other fallen submarines that came before you.

Overall Thoughts

We couldn’t cover all of the games in this post, so if you’d like to learn more about the Humble Bundle, check out all the games you could potentially snag with this link.

Make sure to stay notified for future posts! You never know when the next big giveaway could come around… We post constant updates on our Discord server, Facebook group and Steam community. Also, we believe that it’s important and equally as fun to interact with other fellow gamers.

We hope that you have a great rest of the day!


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