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What better way to start off the month than having a nice giveaway? That’s right. This time, there will be 9 games up for grabs from the Humble Choice May 2020 Games.

GG Players will be hosting special giveaways each week with winners announced on Tuesday and Thursday until all 9 games have been given away! The winner will get to pick what game they would like to have from the Humble Choice May 2020!

To be kept updated on the status of current giveaways and any upcoming ones, please check out our social media. GG Players posts regular updates on FacebookDiscord and Steam Groups!!

Some of the games to pick from:


Warsaw is a fantastic turn-based game with unique 2D line art graphics. What’s the gameplay like? Basically, you can choose a team of four to drop into combat with. You’ll have different objectives, which can range from killing a certain enemy or finding something important. When you’re in combat, you’ll have the opportunity to perform different actions. 

The game isn’t redundant at all, as each character and enemy has their own special skill  sets. What we like about Warsaw is the fact that there are limitations, namely in the form of ‘action points’. You have all the freedom to go do other kinds of quests unrelated to the main mission, but you will lose if you run out of action points before completing the main objective! This makes you have to really think and be strategic. Lastly, you don’t really know for sure when your next encounter will be, as there could be a bunch of hidden patrols just lurking about.

Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra is actually a refreshing addition to this game bundle! This is perfect for players that like more casual (and arguably logical) games. To top the classic strategy game off, Chess Ultra brings it to you virtually with stunning 4K graphics (with VR + Oculus Rift included)! There are different levels and difficulties of AI opponents you can go up against.

Online tournaments can be hosted, which you can promptly join to battle against other players. What’s even better is that this game features crossplay, so you won’t have to worry about any device incompatibilities. There’s something really satisfying about moving up the ranks with ELO in this game. 


Neoverse has a very original concept, being a hybrid of deck building and a fantasy / sci-fi RPG game. Starting off the game, you get a hand of cards, each of which has their own ability and cost to play. Just like ordinary card games, you place a card in the discard pile after playing it. If you manage to go through all the cards in your deck before finishing the round, you have to shuffle the discard pile together and form a new pile to draw from. 

As you play through the game, you can unlock new characters to use. This is extremely helpful as the further you get into the game, the more difficult the enemies become. Your goal is to complete 3 chapters, which are full of different stages. At the beginning of each chapter, you can decide whether you’d to take on the “normal” or “challenge” difficulty.

Heave Ho

This list wouldn’t be complete without a little sprinkle of craziness! And that is where Heave Ho comes in. This game has ‘interesting’ cartoon-like graphics, similar to Happy Wheels. You can play with up to 4 players, and your sole mission is to survive together and not fall.

The situation can really get out of hand when players are desperately trying to save each other. Limbs can be accidentally torn off, characters will go flying and we can guarantee there’ll be a lot of screaming as you hang on for dear life. Teamwork is key here, but that can become a little challenging given the dire circumstances! 

We’re pretty sure you know the drill by now! If you’d like to see what other games are up for grabs, please check out this link.

Stay tuned for more articles and giveaways… We have a good feeling that May 2020 will be a great month with all sorts of deals. 


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