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Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle & Giveaway

The Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle is out now and guess what! All the games from this bundle will be up for grabs on GGPlayers! Be sure to like and follow us on FacebookDiscord and Steam Groups!

Here’s what Steam keys you can get from the Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundlee, depending on how much you choose to pay!

Tier 1
Pay $1.00 or more and get:

Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series
The Walking Dead – Season 1
The Walking Dead: 400 Days (DLC)

Tier 2
Beat the average price and also receive:

The Wolf Among Us
Batman – The Enemy Within Shadows Mode (DLC)
The Walking Dead: Michonne
The Walking Dead – Season 2

Tier 3
Pay $15 or more and get:

Heaven’s Vault
Batman – The Telltale Series
Batman – The Telltale Series Shadows Mode (DLC)
The Walking Dead: The Final Season
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier


  1. Quality of this bundle for individual users depends how many games you have. But if you dont have this games it is cool bundle:).

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