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Humble Totally Tropico Bundle Review

Start your political career in Tropico 5, Tropico 4, or Tropico 3, with additional content for each game from the latest Humble Totally Tropico Bundle! All the games / DLC content from this bundle will be up for grabs for the GGPlayers community! Be sure to like and follow us on FacebookDiscord and Steam Groups!

Here’s what Steam keys you can get from the Humble Totally Tropico Bundle, depending on how much you choose to pay!

Tier 1: 1 USD | 0.84 EUR | 0.76 GBP | 1.31 CAD | 1.38 AUD |1.52 NZD
Tier 2: BTA
Tier 3: 12 USD | 10.12 EUR | 9.13 GBP | 15.77 CAD | 16.66 AUD |18.29 NZD

The Tropico 5 key that you receive in this bundle differs from the Steam store sub, and does not contain the Isla de Vapor DLC (which you would otherwise get via a Store purchase).

Cast your votes and let us know in the comments below what you think about the Bundle!

GG Players Review

Bundle Price Rating - 70%
Bundled Games Rating - 83%


I am 50/50 regarding the Tier 3 purchase. Currently you can get Tropico 6 for roughly $16.50USD if you're a Humble Choice Subscriber. Then later down the line you can wait for the DLCs to be bundled. ($23.99 on January 1, 2020 Cheapest price recorded for Tropico 6).

User Rating: 1.87 ( 44 votes)


    1. Hi @gamezenchill, you are correct! The bundle doesn’t have Tropico 6. I was just stating that Tropico 6 is currently on sale at Humble Bundle for roughly $16.50 USD. I probably should have been more clear in the summary and that was my mistake so i apologize for the confusion =) Just stating i would rather buy the newest version of the game than purchase Tier 3 of the Bundle or wait for Tropico 6 to be bundled later in the future.

  1. In my opinion the Humble Totally Tropico Bundle is bad. Tropico 3 + DLCs and Tropico 4 + DLCs have already been bundled many times. Tropico 5 has also been bundled many times, paying for $12.00 for the DLCs is not worth it at all.

  2. Thanks for the review! Good idea.
    Otherwise, I think a bit like pocahontas. Tropico interests me a lot but is it interesting to have these three games in the series? I don’t know if the differences justify buying the bundle.

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