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Marvel’s Avengers PC Game Review – Sosich

The following game review was written by one of our community members – Sosich

The prologue nicely sets up the story and the main character. The hero of the story is Kamala Khan, the biggest Avengers fan who aspires to be like her idol Captain Marvel. A fairly unknown character outside the comics, she’s actually one of the most popular new-age superheroes and has turned up in pretty much every Marvel game released so far. Of course, Kamala is not the only character you get to play; she’s just the driving force that moves the story forward.

Avengers assemble

So, Kamala’s dreams come true when she becomes one of the finalists of the Avengers fan-fiction contest and gets invited to meet them in person. The stage is set on so-called A-Day in San Francisco where the Avengers are planning to unveil a brand-new base, the helicarrier Chimera, which is powered by the Terrigen crystal.  As you wander around the place, collecting comics to earn entry into VIP area, talking to other fans, reading Avengers trivia, etc., you hear a conversation between several scientist that this new technology isn’t completely safe. And sure enough, just as they’re about to announce it on stage, the Golden Bridge blows up and some unknown terrorists group attacks the helicarrier. Avengers jump right in and you get to play short introductions to each superhero.

It doesn’t end well: the crystal explodes, the helicarrier crashes with Captain America still on board, and the explosion leaves much of San Francisco in ruins. The Terrigen crystal also releases a mist that activates random “powers” in ordinary humans. As a result, the Avengers are blamed for the tragedy, named a threat to mankind and forced to disband.

You need an entire team to take down bigger robots

The real game starts five years later. Kamala is one of the victims of the crystal explosion; which are called the Inhumans. She can now deform, expand and stretch her entire body or just parts of it. Superheroes are no more and there’s a new organization called A.I.M. whose aim is to cure Inhumans of the “disease”. Opposing them is the Resistance, Inhumans that don’t want to be cured. One day, Kamala hacks into some servers and manages to download a partially corrupted video footage showing former Avengers associate, now the leader of A.I.M, apparently betraying Captain America. Right after watching the footage, she’s contacted by Tiny Dancer, a member of the Resistance, who tells her that A.I.M is after her. She escapes and heads to the last known location of the Resistance where she discovers the Chimera’s wreck and an enraged Hulk.

You’re always way outnumbered

Early in the game, right when you get access to the Chimera’s war table, the multiplayer side of the game starts to creep in. War table allows you to choose your next campaign mission, hero-oriented missions (with special loot and outfits), challenges in the Chimera’s training room and various optional missions all around the globe. The optional missions can contain random modifiers that make your job even harder, like increased cold damage, faster stun, presence of more enemies etc.

Mission objectives are standard: elimination of enemy forces or elite unit, retrieval of data, base location and destruction, protection or rescue with the length of each mission ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. The good news is that you can take three companions with you to help accomplish your objectives faster (there are some exceptions where you are alone). They do a fairly good job at taking care of enemies and can help you get up if the enemies do knock you down. But you can only do this a limited number of times before you’re returned back to the last checkpoint. The only penalty for this is lower number of stars you receive at the end and weaker reward.

Map filled with mission after completing the single-player campaign

The other multiplayer aspect is the faction’s system. Before you know it, SHIELD invades your helicarrier and sets up vendors all over it. Later you also get to work for the Resistance. These two factions offer you daily missions with fairly simple objectives, like destroy 10 robots, use special abilities 10 times etc.

By completing these missions, you level up factions which unlocks new gear at vendors. There’s also a special vendor that sells nameplates, emotes and even special takedown animations. And here is where the dreaded microtransactions come into play.

Unlock more gear by doing faction missions

Personally, I don’t mind them if they’re included purely for personalization purposes, like in this game. They don’t feel intrusive and you’re not reminded at every turn to check out the marketplace. You can also buy some special items with in-game currency so you don’t feel like everything’s locked behind a pay wall or earn them through hero’s challenge card with daily and weekly objectives. You get 3 points for daily and 11 for weekly challenges, and you’ll have to earn 200 points for each character if you want to unlock everything.

Iron Man’s challenge card

Each hero has two specials and one ultimate, but you can’t spam those because they recharge very slowly. There’s also something called Intrinsic bar that you can recharge with quick light attacks and works differently for each hero. The ultimate attack can really change the tide of the battle and is really a joy to activate when things go for the worse. For example, Hulk claps his hands and sends a shockwave across the floor, Iron Man changes into his Hulkbuster armor…

Button mashing will get you far at the beginning, but as soon as new types of enemies start to jump into the battle you’ll have to learn how to dodge and parry effectively.

All action looks blurry

On the technical side, the game has quite a few problems. I don’t know what state it was in at launch, but there are still some nagging issues even after the latest patch. I don’t have the coolest rig on the market but it can handle most popular games.

The Avengers heats it up to a point I’m scared to play it during hotter days. It even crashed a couple of times. Loading times were fine at the beginning, but I’ve noticed that the more progress I made, the longer the loading time became. I’ve also encountered some noticeable graphical glitches during gameplay, like transparent facial hair or little black boxes in one foggy scene. I’m sure it’ll receive more patches down the road.

The amount of content and characters they can release is limitless and some of them have already been announced. I think it’s a decent game but was somewhat disappointed in the quality of single player missions. After the campaign, you’re left with a map full of things to do in a mode called Avengers Initiative. You can’t do most of them during the campaign anyway due to the high power level they’re locked behind. It’s also much easier to grind daily missions and gear after you’ve equipped and leveled up to a somewhat respectable rank. One thing I forgot to mention is that AI-controlled companions can be replaced by real people. I don’t know how matchmaking works but I bet it’ll get its share of criticism. I don’t care about wearing the flashiest outfits just to stand out in a crowd so I wasn’t bothered by the “shameless cash grab” label the game received months before the release.

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