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My Favorite Couch Co-op Games

One thing I really love is just staying in on Saturdays and playing with my friends. Even though we’re not that great, it’s still just a blast to have. Of course, now we’re resorting to online co-op alternatives, but I personally think nothing can beat a good couch co-op game!

Today, I’ll be going over my favorites. There’s just so much you can do with a co-op game, as you’re not really limited to what genre or type of game it needs to be.

Little Big Planet

To start off our list is Little Big Planet. I first started playing this game with my dad back in the PS3 days, and I can say with confidence, that it still hasn’t gotten old. You can create your own goofy levels, visit other planets (that players have created) and have the time of your life!

I absolutely adore the art style of this game. It’s the perfect mix between utter cuteness and hilariousness. On the PS4, moving the analog stick controls your character’s arms, so you can pretty much dance or do just about anything if you wanted. The main character is apparently called Sackboy too! I always just gave him funny nicknames in Dutch though.

Surprisingly, there’s a pleasant amount of thinking and strategy that comes into play. All in all, I love the movement and interaction in this game. You can literally drag your buddy around and throw them, which can both help and completely screw you up.

A Way Out

I’m going to be honest. I had never heard of this game before just casually browsing the PS4 store one day. After a long day, my friend and I decided to try finding an easy co-op game we’d both like. I’m happy to say that A Way Out more than exceeded both our expectations!

Essentially, both of you play the role of convicts, who are desperately trying to flee from the police. I love how collaboration is such a crucial aspect to this game, as it would actually be impossible to complete without both players working together. For example, one player has to distract a police officer while the other needs to sneak something in. Also, the screen divide (split screen) is very interesting to watch. The game is very cinematic in a sense! It’s also quite random, but that’s just more fun. You can be suddenly riding motorcycles or busy sneakily sniping enemies.

The story is choice-based, as these two protagonists have distinctly different mentalities. Every decision you make alters the gameplay accordingly (passively or aggressively). This allows for a lot of discussion, because in order to proceed with these difficult choices, both players actually have to agree. In the end, there’s a huge twist that’ll definitely shock both players… No spoilers!


If you like shooter games, then Borderlands is the perfect game for you, with a little splash of craziness added into the mix. I absolutely love the cartoon and comic vibes you get from this… Most other games focus on solely realistic or cartoon graphics, so it almost feels like you’re a comic book character in a sense. There are different characters with different classes. For example, one person can go berzerk and just charge at enemies.

Similarly to other shooter and open-world games, you can also have some fun driving around. There’s actually quite a lot of room to roam freely and just kill enemies for fun. Warning: Some bosses are ridiculously insane and scary! I enjoy the ‘crafting’ mechanic of this game, where you can scavenge for better and custom weapons. My personal favorite has to be the flamethrower, as it doesn’t get any better than running into a crowd of people and setting them alight. Finally, you can go a little aggressive and crazy in this game, as there are respawn outposts that you’ll respawn at (although you need to pay a fee). Plus, you also get one final ‘second-wind’ chance, which means if your health gets depleted during combat, you can quite literally fight for a second chance. Killing an enemy in this down state before bleeding out let’s you ‘revive’ yourself with some health.

Gang Beasts

Last but certainly not least, we have Gang Beasts. These game physics and graphics (just like Little Big Planet), never fail to make me laugh for hours on-end. Essentially, you have to be the last player standing by eliminating everyone else. However, even with a game as simple as this, there is so much variety.

Depending on the type of map it is, you’ll need to be tactical and choose your approach. Sometimes, you need to throw players into grinders, whereas other times the end of the map is the best option! Surrounding players are some interactable objects, like ropes (which you can break) and containers (which you can push). Personally, I like to use brute force and just punch players to knock them out. They can’t stop me from pulling them then!

You may be wondering why I’ve mentioned Gang Beasts on this list. Well, even though it isn’t necessarily a “co-op” game, it is fun to do some negotiating and team with another partner to destroy a common foe for a while! I like to call this “ganging” and relate it back to the name of the game! Often, I find that games with simplistic concepts that are executed well are probably the best of the bunch.


  1. I miss the days of couch co-op with a partner! ^.^ I think that’s one of the few things I miss about consoles – feels like there’s more couch co-op there. I agree with your list though!

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