Our Top List for Sims 4 Mods 2020

Sim… The legendary game franchise that many people still love and play to this day. No one can deny how hilarious it is to see Sims do quirky things, speak this unintelligible language and just being dorks in general! The general gameplay is extremely simple. You are in charge of taking care of your ‘Sims’, having them do different actions to sustain their lifestyles, while you build yourself a colony.

Now, that sounds dandy and all, but how cool would it be to elevate the gameplay even further? In this article, I’ll be covering the best Sim 4 mods to make the game even more interesting. There are some crazy ones in here!

Become a Sorceror

I think that this mod is pretty self-explanatory in regards to what it does. Essentially, you’ll be able to have magical Sims walking around by giving them the ‘Sorceror trait’; this can be done by installing the mod, going into Build mode, and placing down some Suspicious Lumps of Clay, which Sims can then interact with.

There are a few different abilities this mod brings to the table. You can shoot lightning at anyone that so much as looks your way, change your outfit anywhere you are, become a vampire, clone yourself, and so much more! All these spells fall into different categories, with my personal favorite being the ‘Mischief’ ones!

Slice of Life

This mod is probably the calmest of the bunch. It essentially just adds to the overall gameplay, while adding some nice little features and effects to the game. This just adds a whole sense of realism to Sims, as women now go through menstrual cycles and the overall interaction system is vastly improved.

Slice of Life arguably adds a little challenge and more livelihood to the game. There’s truly nothing like trying to take care of a smelly teenager Sim that has acne… Hits close to home for some parents out there! 

Basemental Drugs

Life can’t be perfect! With Basemental Drugs, why not add a little. This mod brings alcohol in the mix, while enabling you to deal and sell drugs. Talk about being scandalous! I mean, even some good old fashioned to gang trouble can cause trouble to start brewing.

As the cherry on top, Basemental Drugs also offers the opportunity to go to rehab. So I suppose you at least can have a shot at recovery from all this mayhem. 

Simda Dating App

The mechanics for relationships in Sims is quite quirky, but I think that this mod just adds a whole new layer of depth to it. With Simda Dating App, you can pretty much set up blind dates. This mod essentially revamps the whole romance system of the game! Just like those soapy TV sows, Sims can spontaneously hook up and cause all sorts of juicy drama! 

Wicked Whims

Speaking of romance, this mod is certainly… interesting. You basically open up the world of possibility to a lot of sexual intercourse. Wicked Whims also has this menstrual cycle and fertility mechanic implemented for all women characters. Needless to say, this could potentially lead to a handful of kids being born! If you’re one for big families, I definitely recommend this mod.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, there is a wide showcase of different mods you can add to improve the gameplay of Sims 4. On this note, I would suggest installing the LittleMsSam mod, which is essentially a bundle of little QOL (Quality of Life) features that’ll just generally make things better. There are way more mods like this, which I didn’t mention earlier as I felt that we needed to have a relatively action-packed list of mods! 

Drug dealers? Done. Romantic drama at every turn? Done. Sickness everywhere? Done. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to what kind of gameplay experience you’d like to have. It is quite difficult to narrow these down in a list, as every single mod serves its own purpose. 

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