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Resident Evil 3 Remake PC Game Review

After completing Resident Evil 2: Remake, I desperately wanted to return to Raccoon City, knowing my time there was not done. Luckily for me, Resident Evil 3: Remake provided the perfect reason for me to come back to one of my new favorite video game franchises.


Resident Evil 3 does not pick up where RE2 left off, surprisingly. In fact, it takes place the VERY NIGHT RE2 takes place. This means that the protagonist and main character, Jill Valentine, is experiencing the horrific T-Virus at the very same time as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. This personally excited me as I felt there was more to Raccoon City than what players saw in RE2. This also means Jill will explore many of the locations from RE2.

Although the terrible Tyrant mutants are gone in this game, there’s a new threat in RC; The Nemesis. Nemesis makes numerous cameos throughout the game, each one more terrifying and gory than the last. Whereas Mr. X provided an intimidating and powerful force in RE2, Nemesis instilled genuine fear in me, each time he came back after me.

Throughout the story, gameplay switches from Jill Valentine, the lead protagonist of this game as well as the original Resident Evil, and Carlos Oliviera, an Umbrella Corporation hired gun, sent to Raccoon City to cover up the T-Virus outbreak. However, Carlos intends to stop the corrupt Umbrella Corporation, teaming up with Jill to escape the city and with a vaccine at that.

Without getting into major spoilers, all I’ll say is that the Umbrella Corporation does not intend to cure the T-Virus, attempting numerous times to not only prevent the vaccine from escaping but to leave Jill and Carlos for dead.


After playing Resident Evil 2: Remake, I expected the same, limited ammo, lots of zombies, and locked doors gameplay loop. However, I was extremely surprised by refreshed combat mechanics, as well as more intricate and detailed environments. On top of this, I found countless healing items, which made the first half of the game seem too easy, but in the second half, they could not have been more precious.

Combat essentially picks up from where RE2 left off with one exception; the dodge roll. Right before a zombie sinks its teeth into your flesh, a quick press of a button allows Jill to dodge out of the way, even slowing down time if you try to shoot said zombie. The dodge roll is now one of my favorite mechanics in Resident Evil because it gives me a new challenge when I try to cross a room full of zombies. On top of this, there are new weapons, each one surprising me more than the last. One of the most notable weapons is the MGL Grenade Launcher. Not only does this absolutely ANNIHILATE anything that it comes in contact with, but Jill can also craft three different ammo types depending on the player’s preference. Gunplay feels clean and powerful, and I look forward to any improvements in a potential Resident Evil 4: Remake.

The core gameplay loop consists of an area to reach, lots of zombies in between you and the goal, a few puzzles in between, and finally an encounter with a powerful mutant of the        T-Virus. This may seem like a simple and repetitive loop, but the various areas throughout the game and the hordes of zombies to either avoid or shoot provide an extremely enjoyable experience.

Fans of RE2 will adore this game, as it enhances and deeply expands upon the core gameplay of that game. Even those who didn’t like RE2 should still find some enjoyable mechanics that differ from its predecessor! All in all, Resident Evil 3: Remake will have something for every fan of the Action-Adventure genre, providing an extremely enjoyable 5-8 hours.


Last, but certainly not least, is graphics. I played both RE2 and RE3 on a Ryzen 5 3600 and a GTX 1660 Super. Despite this mid-range build, I was able to push both games at High/Ultra on some settings, while pushing 100 FPS consistently. Both games blew me away, showing me the real reasons I joined the PC Master Race. One major part of Resident Evil 3: Remake is the cutscenes, all rendered in real-time. Characters had near life-like hair, as well as realistic environments and reflections. Ambient lighting, arguably the most important graphics setting for Resident Evil, was fantastic, making me feel as if I was truly in Raccoon City with Jill.


Resident Evil 3: Remake blew me away with its story, gameplay, and graphics. The game did a fantastic job with always keeping me engaged, as well as providing me with some genuinely challenging parts towards the end. RE3 will provide an exhilarating adventure, making the player squirm with disgust at times, and feel like a badass at others. Any lover of Action-Adventure games will feel right at home playing this game, and they’ll love all the twists and turns in gameplay. Resident Evil 3: Remake has pulled me deeper into the RE franchise, making me want to explore the game again, discovering more of the backstory behind the T-Virus and the Umbrella Corporation. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, and I am happy to say it made the “Top 3 Games of 2020” list for me.


  1. Nice review. I’ll be genuine, I have a very low threshold for horror, but the RE series has always intrigued me. I got this hoping for a more action-oriented experience because the RE:2 remake demo seemed like it would push the limits of my tolerance for horror. I know old-school fans want their genuine spoops back, though, so I’m glad the remakes could appeal to each camp. Looking forward to hitting Nemesis with a rocket launcher 🙂

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