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Solve the Horrifying Murder and Mysteries in Addison Appartments | Sally Face

I‘ve recently just finished my very first playthrough of Sally Face, and just felt the need to make a review about it. This is a “horror point-and-click adventure game”, with a bunch of unique mechanics and interesting narrative arcs. There are five episodes in total, and I’ve heard that the developer is potentially making a new game, sequel or epilogue for Sally Face. 

Don’t worry! This article won’t contain any spoilers from the game’s storyline itself, because it is definitely quite intense and terrifying… It’s just something you’ll need to experience for yourself. 

What is Sally Face About?

You play as Sally Face (nicknamed ‘Sal’), the main protagonist of this game, after having moved to a new place. Sally is a boy who always wears his prosthetic mask around. He’s a bit of a loner, and it isn’t easy for him to make friends. Why you may ask? Well, you’ll have to play the game to find that out.  

Now living in Addison Apartments, you can explore around. After recently moving in, you are greeted by the news of your neighbor being murdered. Of course, this definitely sets the tone of the story as there’s an investigation going on, and you try to take matters into your own hands… As one naturally does!

There are a lot of twists and not everything might be as it seems. Is there a serial killer on the loose? Is there something more sinister behind the murder? Are there even more people just waiting to drop dead?


What is the Gameplay Like?

Sally Face mainly consists of you taking control of Sally, walking around the different room complexes and interacting with characters. During dialogue sequences, you’ll have multiple answers to choose from. In all honesty though, I haven’t noticed any of the dialogue choices having a severe impact on the gameplay.

As you walk around, you can be sure to find different Easter Eggs along the way, along with some video tapes (later on in the game), which add to the overall lore of the story. Every now and then. At one point, you will even get flashforwards and flashback cinematics; this adds to the overall tension and keeps you on edge.

What I like about this game is that you have to actually think of a solution. For example, if you have to get Character A something from Character B, you’ll need to find a way to convince Character B to give you it, using other objects in the environment. The game doesn’t give you concrete instructions on what to do, so there is a bit of a learning curve when exploring. Furthermore, you will also have the ability to control different characters as the game progresses further. It is fun to play through the perspective of someone other than Sally Face too! 

When I mentioned earlier that this game has unique mechanics, I wasn’t joking. It’s not just some simple point-and-click game, as there are a variety of crazy situations you’ll have to go through! Without trying to spoil too much, let’s just say that you’ll have the chance to play some retro arcade minigames and even go into a 3D world…

Overall Thoughts

I find Sally Face such an amazing feat as an indie game. It took me personally roughly seven hours to play it, but I’ve found some walkthroughs that vary in duration. I’m guessing that this is because you can choose to take on some extra missions for lore and rewards.

This game was really addicting. I managed to finish it within two days, and probably would have just played it in one go, if I didn’t have to go to bed. In conclusion, the horror and atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking… Trust me, I learned this the hard way after having been jumpscared one too many times! 

I would absolutely play this game again, after realizing that I haven’t unlocked all the pieces of lore. I highly recommend this to all horror fans out there, as it’s a unique twist on the classic ‘scary’ games you see nowadays.


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