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Survive a Nuke and Live Out Your Days in a Bunker | 60 Seconds!

What is 60 Seconds About?

60 Seconds has you playing as Ted, an ordinary father who has quite literally sixty seconds to gather as many resources as he can. This is because there is suddenly a nuke coming down, and of course, your family has a secret bunker for desperate times like these… I mean, who wouldn’t?

There are 4 characters in your loving family: Ted, Dolores, Timmy and Mary Jane. The first two are the (somewhat responsible) parents, while Timmy and Mary Jane are their children. During the fallout, you can run into different survivors (both friendly and violent), adopt a dog or cat and get various endings. You could even become a super-secret government agent if you play your cards right! 

How Do You Play 60 Seconds?

There are 3 difficulties you can choose from: Little Boy, Fat Man, and Tsar Bomba. The latter results in a lot more bandits showing up at your doorstep, with food and resources becoming scarce. 

When you start the game, you have a timer of sixty seconds and spawn in your house as Ted. With 4 inventory slots, you can only grab a certain number of items and people before having to ‘dump’ them in the bunker, which then resets your inventory. After this time is over, you’ll be thrown into the bunker and forced to survive with whatever you have.¬†Each walkthrough is different, as events are randomly generated. Your family members can only survive 5 days without water, and 10 days maximum without food.

You have the ability to launch a scavenging trip for more resources by sending someone out. However, you will probably need to wear a gas mask for the first few days during scavenging to avoid getting sick, as the fallout is still very strong. Whenever you send somebody out (or just in general), there’s always a chance they will disappear or show up injured.

BIt’s also important to remember that you must have an adult alive. If both parents are dead, then the kids will immediately just run away, and this results in a game-over. Talk about irresponsibility! 

I would say that the most common way to survive is with the help of the military. After getting in contact with them (using a radio or other means), they’ll ask for a few gestures of good faith. This can range from giving up items to showing up to meetings. There are also a lot more endings, like living in a new settlement or even being sent to outer space by an insane scientist! 

There’s always this sense of uncertainty, as you never know when you’ll truly be rescued. After fulfilling all the conditions, you will encounter a scenario where someone knocks on your door. Now, this can actually happen at any time and doesn’t necessarily mean you will be rescued. Bandits or angry firemen could be behind the door for all you know! This is why it is sometimes a smart move to wait things out. 

Honestly, you can really create your own custom challenges in this game! Is it possible to survive with only one family member? Or how about collecting no resources at the beginning of the game? Let your imagination run wild here. 

Overall Thoughts

Robot Gentleman (the creators of the game) also have a similar game called 60 Parsecs, which has essentially the same concept but you’re in space, can choose your own captain, and face various threats on different planets. 60 Seconds itself, and I really like the simplistic art style and little details. For example, if there is an earthquake during one of your walkthroughs, you’ll be able to see the cracks and damage in your bunker.

In general, 60 Seconds is a great game that you can pick up pretty much anytime you want. There is some replay value, with a wide range of endings, tricky situations, and extra DLCS being released. As of writing this article, you can get it for $8.99 on Steam and I would highly recommend doing so! 

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