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The Clash Between Two Huge Giants: Roblox vs Minecraft

Roblox and Minecraft… Both of these names are known all across the world, and many would say that they are fierce competitors in the multiplayer game industry. Millions of players dedicate so much time getting involved in these worlds, exploring just how much gaming has developed throughout these years.

Before I get into this, I just want to vent my frustration with the common stereotype that Roblox and Minecraft are for ‘children’. Just because these games have ‘cartoony’ visuals, doesn’t mean that they’re not amazing to invest time in. I’ve seen so many cool builds and professional projects on Minecraft, while also having played through insane games on Roblox that completely blow my mind.

With that small vent out there, I’d like to address how there has been a lot of controversy and debate as to which game/platform is more popular (or just better in general). Today, I’ll be talking about the basic fundamentals of each franchise, and what my personal opinion is on the two. Let’s talk about Roblox vs Minecraft.

What is Roblox?

Unlike Minecraft, Roblox doesn’t have any ‘story-driven’ singleplayer gameplay. Instead, this whole platform relies on games, created by both the company itself and other players. It’s such a diverse market with a ton of variety! My favorite games are probably Murder Mystery or Vampire Hunters, both of which are deception games.

There is a universal currency (Robux) that can be used for all games, which kind of connects everything together. You can message and connect with players on the platform, even when you’re not currently in a game, so this makes it easy to find friends to play with. Of course, no one can forget the iconic smiley face your Roblox character starts off with either!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft actually has a singleplayer ‘campaign’, where you explore naturally generated biomes and caves, in an attempt to survive and venture into different realms. Eventually, the main objective is to kill the Ender Dragon, which is the game’s final boss. 

What makes Minecraft so fun is that you can have friends join you on this survival journey, while also being able to play on hundreds of multiplayer minigame servers. Also, PVP (Player VS Player) has become a huge sensation in the gaming world. This is essentially Minecraft’s combat system that pits players against one another… Mind you, this game mechanic actually requires a lot of strategies to excel in! Would you believe me if I told you that there are worldwide competitions for PVP with money prizes?

What’s the deal between the two?

Well, Roblox could be viewed as the better alternative to many, since it’s actually free to play. Without the help of disposable alt accounts or ‘cracked’ versions of Minecraft, you need to pay roughly $27 to purchase an account. While I fully believe that this investment is worth it, not everyone (especially children) are in the position to spend money like this.

However, Roblox is primarily multiplayer dependent. If you’re looking for more story-lore, singleplayer survival campaigns, then Minecraft is definitely the better option. The core gameplay of Minecraft (as it was designed to) sticks out and is unique.

I think the main point people need to understand, is that Minecraft and Roblox is not the same kind of entertainment. Minecraft is a game, where as Roblox is a platform. You can purchase or create your own items and cosmetics in Roblox, which your character can wear in every single game. While Minecraft servers are not linked whatsoever.

Furthermore, as Roblox allows players to create games, Minecraft gives players all the freedom to create their own mods (along with creating servers). Both of these options require some knowledge of coding (each with their own individual language). Roblox and Minecraft each release regular updates, with Minecraft having more ‘notable’ ones that change the core gameplay up a lot. This isn’t to say that Roblox isn’t creating new content though… Far from it, actually!

Both franchises hugely encourage community interaction. In Minecraft, players can host their own servers, make realms with their friends, and participate in international competitions. Roblox is pretty much the same, as people can make their own games and worlds as well! Furthermore, cosmetics have become very popular amongst the gaming community, so it’s a no-brainer that these franchises both allow a ton of customization. Moreover, both games also inspire creativity! In Minecraft’s creative mode, you can pretty much build anything your heart desires, with some servers having gamemodes dedicated to building.

Overall, I think both platforms are unique and good in their own right. I shamelessly play both Roblox and Minecraft quite a lot, but don’t feel the need to compare the two or say one is superior.


    1. You’re right that it doesn’t have a story mode but there is a “main objective/goal” you can play towards achieving (defeating the Ender Dragon). You could also install mods+maps that do have a story mode.

  1. I had a couple friends who were older playing Roblox, and they said that there is only a couple of good games left for older audiences within the website, most of it appeals only toward children.

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