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Top 5 Steam Community Wishlist Games

There is no denying that the steam community is one of the biggest. The platform itself has a huge diverse range of games, made by indie developers and professional companies alike. I am a guilty gamer myself and have a nice collection of my favorite games on Steam, which I now spend a lot of my time playing! 

Today, I am going to cover the 5 most highly requested games from the Steam community.  By the way, GGPlayers is going to be hosting a giveaway of all the games I’m mentioning below! So be sure to join and follow us on FacebookDiscord and Steam Groups to be notified when the giveaways are up!

Borderlands 3

Just like the other games in the Borderlands franchise, this one definitely lives up to its name. Once again, the distinct graphics of this game definitely shines, along with the huge arsenal of various guns you can collect. Furthermore, you can upgrade your statistics, unlock new abilities, customize your insane character and even get companions. 

I absolutely love playing with my friends, driving around and ultimately dying together. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of exploration to be done on different planets and territories! The game gives off a very energetic vibe and I don’t ever feel bored. However, it’s not just about shooting and fighting all the time. The story behind Borderlands 3 is equally as engaging. Those pesky bandits need to be taught a lesson if you ask me!

Cyberpunk 2077

I’m pretty sure that many people know Keanu Reeves is a part of this game, which has caused a lot of hype in itself. I can’t actually comment on the gameplay, due to the release date of this game being set to September. However, there is some good news! The official YouTube channel released a 15 minute gameplay video. From this, I get a bit of sci-fi GTA vibes. You can use modern technology to your advantage when planning an assault, by gathering intel and subduing enemies from the trailer.

You can ride vehicles and explore around the city. According to the game company itself, there will be roughly 75 “handcrafted street stories”. This means we can expect some epic campaigns with tons of detail and missions. Nothing is auto-generated and every single thing on the map has been added for a reason.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has caught the attention of many players. I myself am a huge fan of the first game, having the time of my life riding horses and capturing bounties. Well, this sequel takes things to a whole new level… You can now play with others as well. 

Able to travel around a whole open world, you can take on a series of different quests and storyline campaigns. It amazes me how there is so much detail in such a massive world, along with fascinating graphics that just make the gameplay that much better. Cinematic cutscenes really have you on the edge of your seat, and sometimes I feel as though I’m in this exciting world of cowboys and bandits. 

My favorite tool has to be the lasso, which you can use on both animals and NPCs. One aspect I love is that you can ‘choose your stead’, by going through the rigorous process of capturing a horse and taming it. Every horse is different, with varying speed and stats. Be careful playing this game on the PC, because my computer sometimes couldn’t handle the overwhelming graphics at the highest setting.

Doom Eternal

If you want a no-nonsense shooter, I suggest you drop everything else and take on Doom Eternal. No longer can people complain about shooters being too slow, with Doom being all about running around and fighting chaotically. The singleplayer campaign is roughly 15 hours of action. One thing I absolutely adore about the game is the movement mechanics. When you’re playing a shooter, you don’t want to be limited to simply walking around and jumping. Doom gives you strafing, wall runs, dashes and more exciting maneuvering tricks!

All the gameplay, whether it be multiplayer or campaign, is extremely fast-paced. There are different kinds of gamemodes to spice matches up, so redundancy is never an issue! I’m not interested in bland normal deathmatches… I’m into chainsaws, flamethrowers and turning into mutant beasts!

Resident Evil 3

To finish off the list, we have Resident Evil 3. This is a dark and intense survival game set in an apocalyptic world. If you’re a fan of horror, then this is a fantastic game for you. It’s not all about shooting and killing.  In Resident Evil 3, a lot of thought goes into level design. You need to think and play strategically, while being chased down by scary creatures.

There is also a multiplayer feature coming along called ‘Resistance’. It’s essentially a 4v1 gamemode where survivors have to try and outplay the Mastermind. Survivors have to run around the map attempting to complete objectives. However, quite a few players have noted that the combat and balancing could use a bit of work, especially on the survivors’ part.


  1. My top ones (though not all have been released yet) are Baldur’s Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Wasteland 3, and Control

  2. I have a lot of game on my wish list among them rdr2 should be on the top🙂 saw many reviews that the game is supeeeeer goood

  3. Still over 230 games on there,. hah.

    Main ones currently are:
    – Crosscode
    – Gemcraft Frostborn Wrath
    – Dead Cells
    – Ori and the will of the wisps

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