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Unlock New Troops and Form Your Perfect Army! | Clash Royale

Pretty much everyone has heard about Clash Royale, which is one of the most popular mobile multiplayer games out there. It’s free and has racked up over 100 million active players! Today, I’ll be going over the general gameplay mechanics and some tactics! I’m personally in the highest arena of the game, so at least I’m not a complete beginner… 

How do you play Clash Royale?

The concept is simple! You start on one side of the map, while your enemy is on the other. Before a match, you can make your own custom deck with 8 cards. You and your opponent both have three towers: 2 Princess towers and 1 King tower. If the latter is destroyed, then you immediately lose the game. These act as ‘defenses’, as they can deal damage to enemy troops.

You have Elixir, which naturally regenerates every few seconds, and can have a maximum of 10 at a time. Once you reach the limit, you won’t get anymore before spending some. Using any card costs Elixir to deploy. There are different kinds of cards in the game, each with their own purpose and abilities. You can deploy any character or building on your half of the map, but there are some exceptions with certain units. Spells can generally be cast anywhere though.  

Winning matches gives you rewards and chests, which you can open up for gold and more copies of a card. After you obtain enough copies of a single card, you can upgrade it to increase its stats (health, damage etc.). There are some additional features to this game, with many different gamemodes that come and go to spice things up. Also, you can join a Clan and participate in Wars against other ones for big rewards. 

What are some good tactics?

Always have anti-air units. If you don’t have any troops that can hit flying enemies, then you’re pretty much screwed as your towers won’t deal enough damage in most cases. I would try including multiple ranged units in your deck, so you can hit enemy troops from a distance. Also, it’s always nice to include. I think it’s an absolute necessity to have a spell card, to deal damage to towers and enemy troops quickly. 

Try having one tank or building-targeting troop in your deck. Tanks are great for soaking up damage, allowing your support troops to attack safely. Building-targeting troops only attack buildings and ignore all enemy troops; these are great if you want to just directly attack towers. When building your deck, make sure your overall Elixir cost isn’t too high. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean making your deck the cheapest thing ever, because this means you’ll probably be stuck with only weak swarm units.

Do not spam place your cards down. If there is no pressure from your opponent, try saving up on Elixir so you can set up big attacks. I’d recommend placing down units at the very back row, so you can create a big push by stacking units. However, make sure there is some distance between your troops. Otherwise, your opponent can just cast a spell that deals area damage and wipe this all out. 

You have to make ‘positive Elixir trades’. This means that you should try countering your opponent’s attack by spending less Elixir than they did, so you can have an advantage later on. Once the timer runs out, the player who has taken out the most towers wins. If there’s a draw, then ‘Sudden Death’ begins and the health of all towers begin depleting, until one is ultimately destroyed. 

Overall Thoughts

In general, Clash Royale is a great game that keeps you engaged, while constantly being updated with new seasons, balance patches, and cards! There are also some great YouTubers out there, who post nice gameplay videos and deck ideas.

The company behind this (Supercell) also has some other popular games out there, like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. However, Clash Royale is my favorite of the bunch, as you need to prepare a good deck beforehand and adapt to your opponent’s playstyle. There’s just a certain element of strategy you need to keep in mind. 


  1. I played this game until like 8 months ago but then the app asked for permissions to take over my cam without any actual need for that and it was my last update, then my friends started to complain that the game was getting more unplayable at any update (talking about performance) and i didn’t get any interest again. The game without considering technical stuff is pretty good anyway. If you got a powerful device and don’t mind giving extra permissions to apps, this game is goat.

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