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What’s the Deal with Cross Platform Gaming?

Cross Platform Gaming, also referred to as ‘crossplay’, is when a game can be played online (through multiplayer networking) with different consoles. For example, a PS4 and a PC player joining the same match. This feat has been known to be very difficult to achieve, which is why not many games have successfully implemented crossplay.

Today, I will be covering most details about Cross Platform Gaming and what we can come to expect. Even though there isn’t that much concrete facts about it coming in the future, there is a lot of feedback from the gaming community, so get comfortable.

What can we expect from Cross Platform Gaming?

Firstly, if crossplay was ever implemented, I do understand that there could be significant disadvantages for certain players. According to research and personal experience, it seems easier to aim and control movements on a PC, as compared to a PS4 controller. Arguably, some professionals are experts in their individual platforms, so this could have little-to-no effect on their performance against others.

Matching 2 different platform playstyles together may not be considered fair. It would be like “marrying” two things together that don’t really fit, meaning that a huge amount of balance and nerfing would be needed… Then, the game’s base gameplay might be compromised.

A possible solution could be offering several gamemodes. One would be playing with others that use the same platform, while another could be going against people from every platform. The latter option would be good for partying up with friends I suppose.

Now, this all brings the question: Why haven’t most of the popular game franchises even tried to implement crossplay to increase their individual player bases?

Well, the reason this hasn’t happened yet isn’t simply because of difficulties linking the different consoles. Take Fornite as an example… There’s been quite a lot of backlash due to the crossplay mechanics. Think about it. If crossplay did become popular, then people wouldn’t have to rely on a sole platform anymore. It would be unpredictable! Playstation, Xbox and other corporations could suddenly go bankrupt due to low demand!

Here’s a quick scenario: If all your friends have a Playstation and constantly play Minecraft on it together, but you have an Xbox, you will automatically feel enticed to purchase a Playstation to join in on the fun. If crossplay was an option, then you wouldn’t need to buy that Playstation… That’s one missed opportunity on Playstation’s part! 

On the other hand, one could argue that socializing is more important than all this. And, an extra bonus would be adding to a game’s player base! Sometimes, game queues will take much longer on certain platforms than others, so merging all this networking into one could allow for a lot of active gameplay!

Apparently, back when Sony had released the Playstation 3, they were interested in crossplay with Microsoft. Unfortunately, the latter declined the offer. This goes to show that Cross Platform Gaming isn’t really on a corporation’s agenda, due to financial implications as mentioned before.

I personally think that crossplay should be given a shot, but it needs to limited. By this, I mean console crossplay has quite a lot of potential, as there wouldn’t be any unfair advantages for either party (as opposed to PC vs Console crossplay). Right now, there is some interest in Cross Platform Gaming, but corporations currently have to prioritize maximizing their sales. In conclusion, I think that crossplay in general won’t really be looked into for quite some time, due to lack of interest from the corporations. It is a nice thought, but then you’d have to consider balancing gameplay and unfair advantages for certain players.

While crossplay is being handled, I think I’ll end this article by stating how important cross-progression is in my opinion. Cross-progression is essentially saving statistics from different consoles and platforms. For example, if you play Apex Legends on both the PC and PS4, cross-progression would mean your stats could carry over and be in one singular account. Come on, I want my legendary items to transfer over to my other platform so I can feel a sense of accomplishment every now and then… Anyhow, there is definitely a lot of potential with this concept, and we could be in for a ride sometime in the future!


  1. FFXIV does that since over 10 years now between PlayStation and Computer. I know excellent players on both sides, it mostly depends on time spent using a platform to get used to it.

  2. If the main focus of the game isn’t competitive play, the unbalance between control schemes becomes irrelevant. Also, I think Ubisoft is now pushing into making there multiplayer cross platform 😀

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