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Why Did Overkill’s The Walking Dead Receive Such Backlash?

Overkill’s The Walking Dead was a game that had created a lot of talking, excitement and hype amongst fans. Many cinematic trailers were released which helped drive more traffic towards the anticipated game. This franchise has undoubtedly become very successful, with comics, television shows, movies and games being developed. The game was ultimately released sometime in November, 201 for the Windows platform. However, any advancements towards launching this game for console were delayed and eventually canceled, due to complications.

Today, I’ll be talking about how this game did not meet expectations. Everyone has their own opinions on this topic, and even though the gameplay wasn’t terrible, I myself also feel quite disappointed as I think that there was so much more potential.

What is the gameplay like?

In this game, you can play from the perspective of four different characters (eventually two more once you unlock them). You play with other players as this is a co-op game, but this also can be quite annoying since there are no bots. This means that you can either only play with other real players, or be forced to play alone. They each have different abilities which you need to utilize well.

As a first person shooter, you need to aim well when going against zombies, while being tactical against humans. You have to progress through various missions to gather resources and improve camp morale, both of which are very important to survive. Gradually, you can unlock more map areas and passive abilities.

There are different types of guns, like shotguns and assault rifles, but the game encourages you to use melee weapons more. One aspect I like about this is how noise plays a huge role in this game, just like the source material. Firing off your gun too many times will attract more zombies and worsen your chances. More zombies keep coming in ‘waves’, and being too reckless will make it harder and harder to fight through these hoards of zombies; this is all done with a ‘tier leveling’ system.

Surprisingly, playing stealthily is actually quite doable while being stuck in a zombie apocalypse! Being as quiet as possible will make your life a whole lot easier, and it’s really entertaining to talks strategy with your friends. I get sucked into the game’s world sometimes…

Why was the game such a letdown after all?

So, why did this game receive such bad reviews and feedback from players? Let’s face it. Having any kind of association or relationship with the Walking Dead franchise is huge. Millions of people will automatically have very high exp

As IGN appropriately puts it, this game is just a “brainless kill-fest”. What didn’t help matters whatsoever are the unrealistic expectations the pre-release game cinematics set. The actual graphics of the game were quite lackluster in comparison, and people didn’t anticipate this style of gameplay based on the teasers… Myself included!

There is such little lore and connection to the original source material, which makes the game seem very disconnected and confusing. Moreover, I’ve noticed that you can’t really relate with any of the protagonists. Not much (if anything) is brought up from their pasts during the story, and you only have some voiceovers and brief innuendos for context.

Playing completely solo is absolutely terrible, since the game is just unbalanced due to swarms of zombies coming in. In addition, after you’ve progressed so far in terms of loot, going on missions to collect even more is pointless as there is a certain limit.

As I mentioned before, the level design is lazy as gameplay feels extremely repetitive. There’s only so much you can do after gathering resources for the hundredth time. What’s the point of unlocking new guns if you can’t really use them due to risking zombies continuously spawning in? The game in general if very restricting and this makes story progression extremely difficult to get through. It’s just so frustrating.

However, I will admit that this game is rather fun to play if you do have friends or an interesting squad. Still, gameplay does get very repetitive as it feels very wave-based and lacks a sense of direction. This game is a “commercial failure” and had many technical issues found after release.


  1. The beta was so poor and buggy that it was completely unplayable. Even when it was working, you had your teams mates acting like potatoes and dying way to quickly.

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