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Work Together with Your Friends to Survive or Viciously Hunt Them Down | Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer asymmetrical horror game, where four players are pitted against a killer. This sick game is essentially conjured up by the ‘Entity’, which is a divine creature that has trapped both parties in this twisted realm for its own benefit.

There’s surprisingly a lot of lore that still needs to be unraveled. The Entity feeds off of rage, which is what fuels the Killer in their attempt to slaughter the survivors. The latter end up in this realm after ‘dying’, being forced to endure a lifetime of torture and sick games, as there is no true escape…

How do you play Dead By Daylight?

You can choose whether you want to play as the Killer or a Survivor. Before the game starts, you can select whichever character you want to play with, each of which has their own special abilities. You can select up to 4 perks you want to equip, as well as an offering. Using an offering can help select a map to play, increase your luck, change spawn locations, and enable you to execute dying survivors as a Killer with a Memento Mori.

As a survivor, each character comes along with their own 3 unique perks. Once you level up a character enough, you can unlock more perks for all characters. You can customize them by purchasing cosmetics, some of which help camouflage you in a way!

As a survivor, each killer comes along with their own unique ability, weapon and 3 perks. Similarly to survivors, leveling up a killer enough allows you to get more perks. There are so many different playstyles you can take on… Set up traps, teleport around the map, create interdimensional portals or sprint with a chainsaw everywhere! My favorite has probably got to be the Plague, as she quite literally vomits on her victims!

However, gameplay changes significantly when you’re playing as the Killer. Instead, you play through a first person perspective as you hunt the survivors down.

When a killer attacks a survivor, this puts them in the ‘injured’ state. Survivors that are injured leave blood trails behind and make noises in pain. Hitting an injured survivor one more time ‘downs’ them. In this dying state, survivors can be picked up by the Killer, executed with a Memento Mori or left to bleed out. At any point in time, other survivors can come heal their injured or dying comrades.

All throughout the map are hooks, and these are structures the Killer can place survivors on after downing them. Others can rescue hooked survivors by pulling them off. There are 3 hook phases: First, you can either do nothing or attempt to unhook yourself. Doing the latter gives you a small chance to successfully unhook yourself, but if you fail, you get much closer to the second hook phase. Reaching the next phase makes you mash a button to struggle. Finally,  the entity stabs you as you are brought into the sky…

While that sounds wonderful and all, you should really try your best as a survivor to avoid that. This can be done by completing generators, which are scattered across the map. With a bunch of skill checks, completing a generator can be done quicker when multiple survivors are helping. Failing a skill check will cause the generator to explode, hence alternating the Killer to your location.

Lastly, there are skull-like totems you can break. Depending on the Killer’s perks, some of these totems can be ‘hexed’. Breaking such totems disables the Killer’s hex perk, but also gives them a notification of where you are.

Once survivors finish all generators, they can open an exit door to escape; there are two on opposite ends of the map. There is also a second chance mechanic in this game! Being the last survivor in the game (excluding those who escaped) or having a special key can open a hatch, which spawns randomly on the map. Once a survivor escapes, they are spared from the terrible fate of the Killer and can spectate any remaining survivors. When you complete a game, you get a certain number of bloodpoints, depending on how many objectives you completed or how efficient you were.

So far, there haven’t been any extra gamemodes released, but there are constant updates and new chapters (with killers and survivors) coming out regularly. Also, I’ve found myself enjoying some great cinematics and teasers. I would just like to say that this game is perfect to play with your friends.

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